Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dining at La Bodega; aftermath of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Launch

Backk.. Let's get right to it. I went to The Pavilion ALL BY MYSELF via public transportation. And my, my... it sure SUCKS. It was my 3rd time taking the LRT alone so I definitely had to camwhore my pride off.

My first time was during the Pajamas Party, organized by Chipsters. I felt alright, was a bit confused, with all the weird station names. I'm more used to Singapore's easy NSEW system with names like, Admiralty, Jurong West, Woodlands, Changi. Not... Bandar Tun Razak :/

Hang Tuah was where I was supposed to drop off at. I thought it was Hantua, similar enough. I left at 6:10P.M and arrived half an hour later. Took the monorail to Raja Chulan as told by Yee Hoe, but I thwot it was Bukit Bintang?!

Met up with Christopher and we walked all the way to The Pavilion. You can read the first post here. Was a bit odd sitting in La Bodega, so I went out to the washroom and bought a present for Hannah, her very belated Christmas present. Hope you liked it :)

I never returned! So Yee Hou wanted to go for a walk too, after meeting up with Ren for a few short minutes. Jamie dropped by!

Very envious of YOUR very pale, fair skin tone, Jamie. I would love to have that, my skin's all dully xanthous-ish. I wish I was as fabulous as you said ;(

Before walking back to La Bodego, Yee Hoe taught us some neat tips on how to use a DSLR, he's a technical geek. Which is great! I didn't remember much because I don't own one nor can I personally afford one. He also took some shots for us.

Anyways, I wasn't so tensed anymore. Everyone loosened up after an hour or so and Simon came along. I saw him eating the leftovers on a huge platter of I-don't-know what and asked if I could try. I didn't eat much before that except a few onion rings and a small, round ball of fake potato fed by Huai Bin. HE LIED, IT WAS ACTUALLY A SAUSAGE... !@#$%^&*.

I'm a messy eater, the whole KSCB groupie knows that. Now, my new friends are gonna learn about it too. Demmit, dropped some rice from the fork a few times and Kar Yeong just had to point at it! I am no lady, shadies. *brushes fried rice off my thighs*

*censored my panties* Thank you, Horry the horrible. You did something good... for once!

Had an interesting chat with Robb, haven't talked to him in ages. He asked, "Isn't it sad that there isn't any cute male bloggers out there?" I was at lost for words. I think it's more depressing knowing some cute male bloggers are gay =( I also asked a very stupid question, "Do lesbians turn you on?"

"If I don't even like straight women, why would lesbians have any effect on me?"

Eh, true.

Here's Simon for you, cute in a different way, no? LOL

I wasn't an Insider actually, it was all thanks to David we (Tock and I) got it. I loved the Pink Guava by the way.

Hi Huai Bin, we should go shop for your external flash then!

1) The mysterious picture taken by a ghost. 2)Us losers showing who can bend their thumbs the farthest. Cindy said those who have flexible thumbs mean that they can bear a lot of 'shit' from people.

3)Jamie, David and I. 4)Aaron and I =D

This is how we camwhore. Jamie is high-class one, use DSLR to camwhore.

I only have my phone's 2MP camera.

Thankew David for letting me try out the 5800. It's a wicked cellphone!

Jamie looks so sweet here, us with the 5800.

We didn't get the Nokia goodie bags but a few were lying around. How can we help it?! Simon, Jamie and I took one each :P I was so desperate because I wanted this exclusive, beautiful 2G thumb drive heart!

So chioooooooooooooooooooooo. I totally love it. Helped a lot, couldn't preview pictures from my phone's memory card so I tranferred everything there and named it "Zoe's heart".

Thank you David, Nokia, Nuffnang, La Bodega and Christopher.

Off Topic: I bought an orange blusher from The Face Shop for Hannah, the color is absolutely gorgeous and the price is rather reasonable too. Cheaper than Skin Food and better quality than Elianto's.


Clarisse Teagen said...

Oh yeah.. i saw this post on Simon's blog too or facebook or something . lol.
He had this picture where you were eating from the huge platter. . said it was your plate. lol.

Gosh, I wanted to go there. I totally missed it didn't i . . lol. next time then.

§pinzer said...

she ate like, a lot, a lot. a lot. like, even when the waiter offered her a plate, she refused and ate from the paella plate instead :P

Missyve said...

Clarisse- There are lots of events, you can't miss all of them! Boo, I shall see you next time then ;D

Chris - Hahaha, I was so FULLL!