Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Eve Party

I know I'm like the last person to blog about it but I was saving pictures all the way! Read the introduction and you'll know the people. :D

The day started out by shopping at One Utama with Tock. I was very excited, woke up at 1 P.M, slacked, showered and did a body scrub then a face scrub. I thought about putting on a mud mask to look my best but it was already 4:30P.M. Tock was gonna pick me up at 6P.M. Wouldn't wanna be late so I took 10 minutes thinking about what to wear and an hour making up.

i really did wanna look good on Christmas, especially at a party! It was the first time I was wearing that new green-white striped shirt from Padini, the pink high-heels too! *beaming new confidence* Anyways, Tock arrived on time and we went to the hospital to meet his friend. AND I GOT THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE.

It was the Icy Queen Goddess, omfg. Before I knew, we exchanged names in her ward and Tock and her chatted a little and we drove her back home. Along the way, our conversation was giving me bits of hints and curiosity. She said she was supposed to go for Ky's party, she said she knew lotsa known bloggers (she didn't exactly say that if you get what I mean) and when I asked what her blog URL was. She replied, ""

I gawked for like 10 seconds, NO WAY NO WAY NO WAYYYYYYYYY. I ACTUALLY GOT TO MEET DA ICYQUEENGODDESS. Well, it's actually because of kennysai that I was making such a big deal. I didn't really know about her till the whole you-know-what. I'm glad she moved on, it takes a strong woman to take in all that negative exposure and nasty, mean rumors. (I'm not writing her name to respect her privacy.)

So, getting back to Christmas shopping. I had RM$110 in my wallet and spent it on 10 people on my list and the present theme of the party. Left at 10:15P.M and arrived at Ky's place a little past 11. I was wondering why everything felt weird till I realized they were all drunk.

Huai Bin greeted me immediately and was the first to take a picture. "Hi, I'm Huai Bin." and the name felt so familiar to me then I remembered people talking about on the cbox. Ah, the sixthseal person. Not gonna mention how he welcomed me but it was hilarious.

Hurried inside the house, saw a small pool of presents and threw mine in.

I washed my hands and wondered what the hell to do. Should I sit in the living room protected from all the crazy people out there or socialize? I got my ass out there and stood around. Simon asked if I wanted to try the mango vodka I was observing.

Had a sip and it was awful! Smells like mango syrup but tastes NOTHING like it, bluek. Bitter, pui pui pui. So he downed it for me, yay for Simon.

Tock and I joined Cindy and Horny and had such a pleasant chat. I loved the 'Tock' and 'Cock' hand sign.

Some of the pictures aren't chronologically grouped or in order to save space so, sorry. I left my santa hat in Tock's car so I went back to get it and Simon was shouting after me, "Zoe! Going home already?! It haven't finish!!" I ran like hell in horror, LOL.

1) Scary Simon 2) Zoe, Simon and Cindy.

3) Cindy and I 4) Lovely group photo of Simon, Zoe, Cindy, Horry, Ky and Tock.

Starring Cock.

Terence or AC made a 'Life' and a 'Death' concoctions.
1) I chose Death because of the less hazardous color. 2) Nicholas darling and I, no i'm not chubby D: Fine, a little.

KY DROPPED A HANDFUL OF CHOCOLATES, SO WASTED. 3)Lucky enough to have one at least. 4) Ky's RM$200-for-life chef serving me Tuborg beer!

Hop hop hop, present exchange time. Everyone gets a number and when I unlucky guessed mine, I had a bad feeling. Yes, I was the first... NUMBA WAN.

I was also sitting next to the intoxicated Sixthseal man which was rather entertaining. Not to mention when he opened his present. *gigglesgiggles*

Took the big red box, clueless what was inside and THANK GOD... it was a reflective jacket. *phews* I'm safe.

I am, I am. What else should be safe? Why, SEX OF COURSE. Condoms are on average 98% effective.

When it was Seow's turn he stole my jacket. You thief you! I was also happy that I got to pick another present despite the risk factor of wearing something unsightly. :O

I got a... GREEN EYE GEL COOLING MASK! From Kimberly I think. I shouldn't have bought one from Elianto if I knew I was gonna get it.

I liked it a lot, kept pressing the gel around. Thanks Kim! Yee Hou chose Ky's present which was lipstick and he noobly applied it on his lips and returned the favor to Ky. I was too oblivious enjoying poking the mask around.

Wish I got this one - CK limited edition boxers. Cock checking out Ky's but-Tocks.

I know it's my fault, Tock. You asked for my opinions on which pressies to choose and I said the checkered one. Look at my guilty, bewildered face, I witnessed Tock transforming into Fatman Fatt man.

If you do get rich later in 2009, you gotta thank me for it!

I'm not heavy you bastard, you're just weak. :(

Got a smooch from YH btw. Rachel said the color of the lipstick suited me so she gave it to me. Revlon lei! Someone broke it afterwards, bummers.

Anthony, Zoe and Terence teaching me how to erupt beer.

It's a really cool, simple trick.
Question: Wow, so... how did you get to know all this stuff?
Reply: I was an alcoholic.
I started laughing 'cus I thought it was a joke.

I'm sorry! How was I to know he was serious :/

Hi Faye, wish you were sober as you are now.

I weally, weally liked the lipstick lor :l Hmm, feels like Chinese New Year for some reason. I should ask Tock why.

Suanie, Siao Ling, Kar Yeong, Zoe.
Thank you Siao Ling for bringing 3 cartons of Turborg beer. Everyone loves you not only for that but 'cus you're the friendliest person in da worlddddd.

*black accent* My man and I yo. Don't smoke unless you can afford teeth whitening.

I saw a group of them slacking on the couch and I joined them. I shouldn't have. Was having company with Tock and Yee Hoe, tickled with entertainment by HB giving SL a toe massage and "Patrick's" black out or is it the shaky ground making him dizzy?

Horry had an idea, a FAB idea. He offered my foot to HB, YEAH. My toe must of been on 50% sale 'cus another person massaged it too. After washing my feet, I sat somewhere else. "Stay away from the massuese." was what I was thinking.

James meditation position accompanied with snores.

More drinking!

1) Zoe, Simon, Faye. 2)Evil Horry and I

3) Patrick the Magnificent. Who saved us all from the evil earthquake. 4) We exchanged hats, ho ho ho.

Like Paris would say, that's hot. NOT! I'M SO GONNUH LIKE, KILL YOU YH.

Pig face with Simon, I was giving a grumpy face which makes me look like a total pig.

Captain Underpants, Dexter and DD, Mojojojo.

*pew pew pew* Patrick is down.

He was AMAZING really. Drunk as hell, couldn't even walk right, falling to the ground every few moments but never spilled a single drop of alcohol. Patrick was holding on so tightly to the wine glass when I tried to take it away from him fearing he might drop it. Nuh-uh, even when he collapsed his magical powers saved the drink... and us from the evil monster who was gonna kill us all by an earthquake.

Loved the party, hope I'll be invited for next year's. Made loads of new friends and I'm looking forward to seeing all of them again.

Merry Christmas!

(Edit the date later).


kennhyn said...

wow, one hell of a party...haha

is a good fun nite.

by the way, what's ur favourite beer?

Missyve said...

Hahah, you got that right. um, I generally don't like beer. Shandy counted? :D

Myhorng said...

Pictures stolen from everywhere huh.. nicely elaborate even from the party preparing section until all the name of mine. good job ZZZooEE

Missyve said...

All taken from FB, LOL. i'm very detailed 'cus they become memories forevaaaaa.

Thanks Horry. >:(

KY said...

thanks for coming and help made the party awesome! :D

Missyve said...

I did?! :D Yay, welcome and dor jeh nei too. <3

Andrew said...

hehehe... LOL Zoe had so much fun!! and yeah!! someone vandalised my header... and you're one of em rite?? surrender!! hahaha =D

blessed new year again!! +D

§pinzer said...

I told you you were a great writer!! Love this post, one of the best!!!

Oh and I'm so proud of you Zoe. You did well, for your first party with fehmes people hahahah!

You'll go far :)

Missyve said...

But but but, what did i write so well?! Aww, thanks! *hugs*

Femes pepol!? LOL, din really knw who they were actually. Just glad i made lotsa fwens, rofl.


Calvin Soo KJ said...

how did you ever managed not to be intoxicated with all the alcohols must be one super oops and btw, 1st time here. got it from hb after looking thru his posts....damn funny. cheers and gb

Simon Seow said...

Where's the part that you kissed me? lol Great fun with you around Zoe Yve.

Missyve said...

Calvin - I din drink much, you see. Maybe I'm Super Duper Uber Zoe or something, haha. Thanks for visiting then, good day to you too.

Simon - I din see that photo on FB, did look for it. LOL, you really seem to like that part a lot. You tooo!

Simon Seow said...

I didn't put it on FB? Take this then.