Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year Eve

Aih. Two nights ago, on a lonely Sunday, 4 bloggers decided to hang out on CNY eve's. I had no where to go because of certain family issues that I might ramble on about later. Before meeting up with them, I enjoyed a Japanese dinner at Jyu Zen, the bill came to about 300 for a family of 4. Not bad considering the portion and exceptional taste. Yum.

So here we are, at Mcdonalds. Counting down to the Chinese new year, woo. We weren't very energetic I'm afraid. We called Yatz but he was busy gambling with friends, I called Huai Bin but he had to leave early for Ipoh the next day. Bummers! Ren was at Pahang and Hikamaru... I think he went back to his hometown so I didn't call him.

Take a look at our sour faces, you can tell that we were having the TIME OF OUR LIVEZ! Totally, nothing beats celebrating the first hour of CNY at McDonald's eating ice-cream with friends. Nothing. At the strike of midnight we cheered with our McFlurries and Coke.

Huat aaahhh! GXFC, XNKL, HCNY, GXN, NNYY.

Andrew, Joshua, Sandra and I cruised around K.L looking for trannies. HAHAHA, thatta way to usher in the new year, PEEKING AT TRANNIES. It was so cool, I was like WOWOWOW! Couldn't see much 'cus most of them lurked in the dark alleys or staircases. Ah, shucks. Went home early at 1 :(

Red is always the auspicious color for the Chinese. Will my nails bring me luck this new year? Will I collect a hundred fold of red packets from last year with these beautiful, red, shiny finger nails of mine?

Or maybe my favorite Elmo will help out a little. Who can resist that cute little face of his! Zoelmo!

Sadly, I didn't attend the family reunion in Kluang this year. We have broken family tradition for the first time. Every year without fail we would travel to J.B or Kluang and all of the Tian family members would be present. Except those cousins that were still studying/working overseas.


Oh, I don't know. Because a certain someone didn't like people not allowing her BF to come to the annual family reunion. Thus, telling them our family would not be attending for not respecting her "love of her life". Her children, especially her daughter was really upset after knowing about it. How can she break blood ties for her black boyfriend?

Oh no no no. I am not being racist now. Clearly, this is Chinese New Year. If Indians or Hindus want to take part in it, isn't that against their belief anyways? He is obviously uncertain of his faith. Most importantly, we are not related to him biologically. Family tradition I stress is so so so important and I find it absurd that it was broken for such a stupendous reason.

How much havoc does he want to inflict on the family furthermore? He has made you jobless, he has made you a mistress, something that is not very flattering to be. He has scarred the children for life. Irreversible damage, psychological and emotional, as much as I hate to admit. All of this has changed her thinking so drastically.

She can never look at people, specifically men, the same way ever again. This sucks. It really does. It's no longer about money, it's about love. Family love, relative ties, cousins bonding. I believe all of this changed ever since Grandma died. She was the one holding it all together, but now that she's gone. What is stopping the family from dividing?

There were always silent daggers ever since the fall of this once prestigious family. Their name have long been gone and forgotten. Business failure resulted in bankruptcy, from millionaires they've stooped to middle-class struggling to make ends meet.

Datuk/Datin is merely a title we're all gonna rot to the ground one day. In their prime they never thought this day would come, the brothers refused to humble themselves and instead competed with each other. Who has the bigger car or house?
Oh look, I'm richer than you. I'm showing off my wealth. I'm splurging on unneeded things just to show you bitches who's the best son in the family. Ha-ha, look at all of you. You're all BROKE now!

And you owe your sister tens of thousands of moolahs. Never once have you shown respect to her, a thought never crossed your mind of returning a cent. You've been owing for a decade or more and you people gave nothing back. So this is karma. Yes it is. Treat your siblings like crap and you turn into one instead. What dignity do you have left to even fuss about the will Grandma left for her.

Petty douche-bags, I have no more respect for these uncles of mine. I do not need your filthy money which is a small fraction of what you owe my mother. Degrading as it is, you still have the guts to refuse her other half. Who are you to judge this woman that has helped you so much. Don't you remember pleading her for help, for money, a little lobang? Of course not, that was YEARS ago, before I could even walk properly.

Sighs. I hope you all didn't read this, I just needed to say it out. What hope is there left when family members are treated as competitors and enemies.


Spectre said...

HAPPY CNY ZOE! why those 2 guy look like half death? u must did smtg to them? XD BTW happy CNY zoe! collect lotsa angpow ok!

Missyve said...

Spectre - HCNY Spectre!! HAHA, yeah. We were all bored to death. It wasn't my fault I din bring Monopoly :P Haiya, angpows very rare!

Mr.Clive said...

i mish that McD ice cream.Mcflurry.yummy yummy!

Guy Fawkes said...

Come.. Let's talk over some smoothies..

Missyve said...

Mr.Clive - Hahah, they're so stingy on Oreos though.

Guy - lol.

Huai Bin said...

Hang in there Zoe...

Talk soon. Cheer up!

Andrew said...

wa wa wa.....~ =D how'z chinese new year??

Missyve said...

Thanks Huai Bin. :)

Andrew- SUCKY!