Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cereal Reviews

My love for cereals have never ceased. Mommy brought me grocery shopping at Tesco exactly last week and as I passed by an alley of chocolates, then biscuits, and then cereals. I stopped in my tracks. CEREALS!!! Oh God blessed yummy breakfast meals, where have you been?! I haven't had one in months!

I looked around, eew, Milo? Nah. Tiger, ish no. Coco Crunch is for kids. *brushes aside* Cookie Crisp is so unhealthy *ignores* I spotted Froot Loops and dismissed the coloring and sugar content and placed it in my trolley. That's because the last time I had those were over 7 years ago, it's like a childhood reminiscing thing. There were a lot of fab snacks in Canada.

I dumped Kellogg's Corn Flakes Almond in because it was new, Rice Krispies because I didn't see it for ages, Nestle Corn Flakes because... I forgot. I think I chose that because it looked like the healthiest.

I am going to attempt to give a review for the first time in my life :O But nah, it's nothing important. I just want people to eat good breakfasts and influence them to consume cereals. I never enjoyed eating char kwuey tiao or fried rice in the morning. It felt so weird and heavy. Even roti prata doesn't appeal to me. Once a kid, always a kid!

Kellogg's Froot Loops, oh dear. I missed you oh-so-much. Especially Toucan Sam, the mascot with a striped beak that displays some of the cereal's color. Wiki/Website

I do not find it very healthy. The colors, flavor, everything, artificial. But I remember being so intrigued by the vibrant colors, I'd try to scoop some of loops of the same color and chew it. Just for fun, I think when I was 4-6. Very happy that I got to taste it again but unfortunately, I will not buy it again the next time. 2/5 because you need a healthy start to your day and I find this junky. (But it's fun to eat... like all junk food.)

Kellogg's Rice Krispies. Wiki/Website

I somewhat remember it from my childhood and I totally forgot the noises it would make when I poured milk over it. "Snap, Crackle, Pop!" is their famous tagline and that is exactly the noise it makes. It's made up of puffed (rice) grains, they are cooked, dried and then toasted, no wonder they're so crispy! For this one, because it was a bit plain, I added flax seeds to it. 7/0 because it's so versatile, you can use it for baking (home recipes), you can add all sorts of stuff to it and it isn't sweet either (with 10 minerals and vitamins as all other Kellogg's cereals).

Kellogg's Corn Flakes Almond
. Wiki/Website

Made from real corn added with slices of almond nuts, the corn flakes are sweetened so it tastes lovely. Bad thing is, sugar content is rather high. There are other versions such as the original - Classic and sweeter one -Honey Comb. The first bite is really crunchy and sweet, you'll fall hard on this one. 3/5, the awesome taste and the not-so-awesome sugar level is dragging it in between. It is no doubt yummy.

It might not be fair that I didn't take a picture with the Nestle cereal box because I got too impatient to camwhore any longer and immediately tested the other cereals. Nor was I paid by Kellogg's for this partiality. I don't get advertorials with my kind of traffic anyways.

For Nestle's Corn Flakes, I'd rate it 4/5! Therefore, the best to consume out of the selected. It is crunchy, crispy and plain. The last part doesn't sound appetizing but I'm more concerned about my well being than the taste of it. You can always add fruits, yogurt, nuts and a such to your liking. Yepyep.

List of breakfast cereals.

Milk is an important factor, it can change the taste immensely. I noticed a difference when switching from HL Milk to Dutch Lady. Frankly, I have never liked Dutch Lady. The first few months immigrating here, the milk tasted so different to the ones in Canada. I asked Mommy, "What the hell do they drink here?! Yuck, tastes like goat milk." And unfortunately, it was Dutch Lady's. Even though i have never drank goat milk in my life, it's been said to taste horrible.

:D My first review ever ever ever. Cool cool cool. I admit, I am sorta trying to instill a little bit of the Western culture in Malaysia. But cereals are nonetheless loved by EVERYONE right?! I usually buy those multi-grain, tasteless cereals, by the way. This was simply a random 'review' by a serial cereal-eater. <-- OMG, I LOVE THAT PHRASE.

Yeah, it's almost 7A.M, and again, I haven't slept the whole night/day. Do tell me your favorite brand of cereals, won't you? Good morning to all breakfast eaters.


Huai Bin said...

OMG! I love this post. When I was 10, Sibu didn't have a lot of imported cereals except for this specialty import store. It retails for anywhere from RM 15 - RM 30.

Remember, this was a good 17 years back so that was A LOT of money back then.

My dad promised me to buy me a new one every week since I like COLLECTING cereal boxes (seriously). Thus, I look forward to Sunday when I can get a new and different cereal box to add to my collection.

I had all the imported Kelloggs, and more than a few obscure brands. I like to go for the really, really obscure brands.

This post brings back nostalgia. Thanks Zoe! :)

Spectre said...


KY said...

I <3 koko krunch!

Missyve said...

Huai Bin - I am still speechless about your hamster experience -.-

Holy crap that is expensive. What a rip-off. Do you still have them boxes? Ah, sweet childhood memories. Welcome!

Spectre - It is very the nice =( I only half 2 boxes left of cereals after one week. I like ate it for breakfast, supper, and lunch.

Sometimes after dinner as appetizer. :D

KY - So kidddyyy wan! LOL.

§pinzer said...


Simon Seow said...

My favourite when I was young it's Frosties, cost you don't have to add anything and it will sweeten the corn flakes. Don't eat too much cereal, especially the one that is sugar coated. You'll turn into me :p

Missyve said...

Spinzer- You could of answered the question too :( Bye.

Simon - Frosties so sugary! Ahahah, sugar coated is der nicest ma! But I love healthy cereals.

k-niz said...

omg, cereals freak!

cwee said...

harrow...i love cereals alots...cocoa crunch, cornflakes, and lotsa cereals...haha..anyway, wish u a Happy Chinese New Year and remember!! have fun!!!

Missyve said...

k-niz - shit freak :x

cwee- HCNY to you too! :) Oh great, cereals are heavenly.