Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Unbelievable. Yeah, had an argument with my mom just now. It's so amazing how stupid she can be at times. After staying at my friend's place for a night, I walked into my room and it was all rearranged. That didn't make me mad, what made me crazy was that she lost my Nuffnang goodie bag and dumped the contents into another Nuffnang goodie bag.


My Maxis Wild Life bag went missing, and they were thrown into my DiGi goodie baggie. GAWD, WHUT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY STUFF?! I tried to calm myself down and searched around patiently, but I couldn't find it. So I screamed at her, "WHERE'S MY BAG?! WHY DID YOU TOUCH MY STUFF?!" Her response is always ever so predictable. Mother will never take the blame for anything nor apologize. Is 'sorry' such a hard word to say?

I made 5 french toasts before that and mommy asked me to leave a piece for her. BUT GUESS WHAT, I did the most despicable thing ever. I FINISHED IT. Yeah, I didn't leave ANY frenchie toastie for you, mommy! I'm so evul. Hehehe.

THAT'S WHAT HAPPEN WHEN YOU MAKE ME MAD. For example, if you were my best friend and I had a bar of Cadbury chocolates that I said I would share with you. If I got crossed at you, I would swallow up the whole thing and not leave a crumb for you. I am a petty person. Sometimes.

I was thoughtful though, I considered leaving a cubic centimeter of bread for my mommy. Then again, she might of wasted it by throwing it away angrily so I ate it. I'm so sick of all this. I couldn't really care for her feelings anymore, I shouted, "IF YOU'RE SO FREE, WHY DON'T YOU GET A BLOODY JOB?"

Mommy had nothing to say. Nope, nothing. "Why do I have to cook for you? Next time do your own laundry, cooking and tidy up your own room. You think I so free ah?" That was her reply. You're totally avoiding the question and yes, you're SO free. You wouldn't have touched my stuff and misplace my things in the privacy of my room if you WEREN'T free.

I don't like a messy, unkempt room either. I hate the clutter, it gives me more emotional baggage to carry around everyday. All I need is a closet, is that so much to ask for? Hmm. Shitty life I have! I shall go job hunting in KL soon.


Myhorng said...

things been re-arrange is kind of tragic actually. but dun lar scold your mom. mommy loves u. ;)

陈一豪 said...

Darling, mommy loves you. Don't do that.

She means well when she cleans your room and its heartbreaking to be yelled at after that, in spite of what you think it is.

This might come of as a lecture but just put yourself in her shoes, and think if someone you really love and do something with good intentions and get yelled at.

Anonymous said...

u sound like a very childish, highly emotional kid. its just a small matter. one day when u're older, u'll realised how much ur mum means to u and how short the time is.

Huai Bin said...

Well, you can always move into my place...

...but you need to wash your own dishes. I noticed you didn't do that. :p

Missyve said...

Myhorng - me din scold my mommy, i told her nicely so many times. Now I look like the bad guy.

Yee Hou - :( *pouts*

Anonymous - I'm not an emo kid, dammit. I know she loves me and i love her too. After all the yelling we still care. It's just the phase of my life where I'm being the typical drama queen. Thanks.

Huai Bin - Uhhhhhhhh. Can't afford the rent, oh well. :D Fine, I'll buy you lunch and movie after CNY :l