Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009's Resolutions

20o7 was an epic failing year while 2008 was an opening. 1/4 early last year, my life started to unfold, I made friends online and met them. Little did I know it would lead me here, the phase of my life where I have amazing, sincere friends and awesome parties.

It's gonna pause awhile though. This year, I'm gonna shape my future. I've gotta strike a balance between my social life and... *sighs* studies. No more going out every night till 3 A.M, no more 12 hours of internet, no more job. I have to pull up my socks now, or it'll be way too late. I must be a gorgeous geek (random oxymoron). Study, study, study and when I go out, be glamorous!

Can I? I don't doubt my ability, I just can't trust my determination. The humiliation of being an empty-headed socialite or a bimbo isn't a strong enough reason for me to study. Mom always told me I was studying for myself, not them. This is for my own good.

Okay Zoe, wake up... for your future. I wanna be someone great, someone recognized. Complete the SATs and do whatever you want. I have a rough expectation of my vision. Oh shut up and get to the resolutions already.

1) Actually study and speed up to my actual grade.
I've been slacking.

2) Get a bloody closet
Clothes all in plastic bags now.

3) Enroll into music school for drum lessons.
Stopped halfway because of problems.

4) Grow taller by 2 inches
I'm 163cm, 170 cm pl0x.

5) Get laid a boyfriend? Ish.
Just a thought. =D

6) Spiritually in tuned.
Closer relationship with God, heed the Holy Spirit.

7) Belly piercing!
Hahaha, I want I want.

8) Become rich.
Like decent part-time job or unexpected talent agencies wanting youths like me, w0ots. Amen.

9)Bigger boobies! A fitter body, exercise!
I'm a pig, all I do is eat and sleep. Higher metabolism, please.

Should be it. The problem now is getting it done. Good luck, Zoe. You need divine intervention for most of it. 7 A.M, yawns* Oh oh, which reminds me, one more thing to add.

10) Cultivate healthy habits
Sleeping early, eating regularly, avoiding junk food.

Good morning, new year! I'm going to sleep now. Who wants to go out later, I'm kinda sad about studying.



Huai Bin said...

#5 and #6 does not actually compute. It's a paradox. ;)

§pinzer said...

Love your resolutionsS!!! Zoe why are you so naughty lolol