Monday, December 29, 2008

That's not my name

They call me 'Joey', they call me 'Yve', they call me 'Zoey', they call me 'Foo'.

That's not my name.
That's not my name.

That's not my name.
That's not

I'm getting annoyed by the song already, are you? I think I've waited far too long for delaying this post explaining my name. I thought telling a couple of people will do but then newly-found friends always make the same mistakes and ask the same old questions. I'll do another FAQ post next time. Now, I just wanna be clear about my name.

Zoe Yve Foo

No no no, not Zoe Yue Foo. That's a bloody 'V'! I can write right. Numerous times I receive minor certificates or identifications misspelling my middle name as 'Yue'. I'm no bloody idiot who scribbles their letters. About my middle name, my mom said it's French. For example, brand names like Yves Saint Laurent and Yves Rocher. I think she got that because of my Chinese name.

Fu Zu Er (傅祖儿), Foo Zoe Yve. I guess Yve is related to Er in some strange way. My mom's really into fengshui so she calculated my name with the lucky number and birthday with the auspicious Chinese characters. Zu, is like lord or ancestor. First time I heard that, I was like, "Mom?! You want me to die?!" I think I was like 6. "No! It's a good thing, it means you'll continue the family line after you die then you can be an ancestor."

Sorry mom, I don't plan to have children no more. Sucks to be mothers, me thinks. I would have to sacrifice everything I have for the baby. If you're cool with that, motherhood's for you. Expect grand children from Tze (my brother) if you want, hee!

I think I'm side-tracking. I hate it when people can't pronounce my name right. It's not that hard you know. Zzzzz. Not jj. Zzzzzoe. Especially bloody Chinese educated people, always pronunciating it with a 'j'. I enunciate my name distinctly and... I GET THE BLOODY SAME ANSWER WHICH IS, "JO-EE ah?"

It's not their fault, they speak Cantonese. There ain't no zees in them Honkies. Well, I don't really mind people screwing my name up. Just that it happened way too many times with all the questioning and bluudy epiphanies!

Wish you could hear me read this, it's likely to be in a different tone of what you think it is. It'll also sound much less offensive. I guess I'm a little grumpy, gonna hit the sacks at 7 A.M.

Good morning to people who can get my name right :D
Pl0x don't take everything I said too seriously, kthxbye.


Simon Seow said...

OMG, you have the same name as Joey Yung. Now only I know. Fu Zoe Yve, actually write Yi also can mah.

Huai Bin said...

Sorry Zoe! :)

At least I always PRONOUNCE your name right. I even asked if people call you Zoe (silent e) or Zoe (two syllables).

I get confused coz of zoeyve, your blog name. :p

Anyway, we're related. Seriously. It's the same Fu - I can't read or write Chinese but I can recognize my family name.

I'm HengHua though - it's Poh Huai Bin but in the Mandarin it's "Fu Why Bin". It's the same Fu as yours (!!!), why is the "guang huai" (caring) character and bin is "wen wu" as in scholar-warrior.

Our great-great-great-grandparents must live in the same village in China!

We're blood related! =D

Myhorng said...

Jo EE better than Lau EE anyway, ZZZooEE

they call me choo, they call me horng, they call me hung, they call me honghong, they call me babi, they call me HORNY~~ and those are not my real name but i'll answer no matter what u call me. maybe horrible person as example? LOL

Missyve said...

Simon - sounds so horrible! Foo Zoe Yi. Canto ppl will say 'fu jou-ee.'.

Huai Bin - Hahahah! I din write this post just 'cus of you, don't feel bad. It's just to clear things up. WHOA, WE'RE LIKE... distant distant cousins or something. This is so cool, LOL.

Horny - ROFL, I ain't used to nick names though. I tried 'Emily' once and I never responded. Ish, I fail. I'll call you Horry, a short nick for Horrible.

KY said...

hello Joh Yi!

§pinzer said...

whoaa! dun miss with zoe! no, seriously, ya don't wanna mess with her haha!

(she might just crash your car)

Myhorng said...

ya, Sprinzer got ya. she almost did on mine. LOL
now I realize how she hate me.

Missyve said...

KY - *arbish*

Tock - More like run you down, ahhaha.

Horry - I likey your car at least, haha.

rojakrojak said...

oh mai mai...

u and i share the same surname!

it's hard to find ppl with my surname =.=

rojakrojak said...

this is RJ, btw