Monday, December 08, 2008

Straw hearts

I'm a heart addict. I DON'T LIKE folding straw hearts but I do it every time. Maybe I'm bored perhaps, or maybe because I like hearts (NOILOVETHEM). My friend was buying popcorn in the cinema and I kept stealing straws. It amounted to a whole bundle of them, over 20 of them.

What do I do with them? Fold them! I was thinking of making a Youtube video because my church-mate wanted to learn how to make it but I wasn't sure if I had the guts to. So... should I make a video teaching how? o.o

Some people go, "What is that?!" Screw you morons, they're hearts! Some rotate it, trying to figure what it is. Argh, imbeciles. It's much more clear when you cut off the extra tubes.

Right, right, right?

I collect them. They're from everywhere. Straws from KFC, McDonalds, Sweetalk, TGV Cinemas, coffee shops, gifts shops (I had to buy them 'cus they were pretty, pink, puny/thin hollow straws). 90% of them were free/taken.

Last year, I tried counting how many I made. I think it was a little under 200. That wasn't including all the ones I gave away to my friends.

I remember this one. I was at McDonald's with Suling, Kelvin, and Shawn. I was teaching Shawn how to make one. I wanted to make a nice shape by connecting them together but... :l

I had a lot of straw hearts I didn't get to cut off from months ago. Since I'm so free now; jobless, school-less, internet-less, and money-less. I decided to get the job done.

That one uncut heart (bottom left) was folded by Shawn.

In the end, I dump them into my collection of plastic hearts.

I got really hurt once, when my friend threw the heart on the floor. I DON'T JUST FOLD HEARTS FOR ANYONE. Wait, I do give straw hearts to everyone. But they're made with love, each one of them, FROM ME. I was so... :O when he totally didn't know the sentimental value I have for these plastics.

I do feel guilty whenever I somewhat waste the straws, I'm creating wastelands and, and filling the earth with non-degradable substances. I'm sorrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy.


scrufus said...

i sure would want one of those straw hearts.

Missyve said...

I'd love to give some to you! :)

§pinzer said...

i didn't get any cause they wouldn't give us extra straws at the Banana Leaf area :(

Simon Seow said...

You want Starbucks' straw? I steal some for you lol.

Missyve said...

Spinzer- they suck! You'll get some at Secret Recipe. Bahahas.

Simon - Hmm, the ones wrapped in paper? Noo! Save the trees, i'll only take ones that are already opened or smth ._.