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School Camp

I was really excited about school camp! I haven't had one for so long, the last one was at Marsiling Seconday One Introductory Camp. Our school camp was located at Genting, the meeting up was at school around 10 A.M i think? When i arrived, the atmosphere was pretty much dead when i was all perked up and beaming away~~~ So i was kinda discouraged by their lack of enthusiasm. Or maybe, it was just me.

4th December 2007 - Tuesday.

Reaching Genting in about half an hour. Rachel Soon, Rachel Quah, Adam and I were sitting at the back of the bus. I reserved it of course. Why? 'CUS IT'S THE COOLEST PLACE IN THE WHOLE BUS! And Adam Khoo asked us to guess how long it'd take for us to reach.
If i remember correctly, Soon said an hour, Quah said uh, really forgot. While i said 45 minutes, and Adam um... i forgot again. Argh*
So Adam or Rachel Quah got it correct. And we arrived at a condo - Verandah!
I was absolutely EXCITED! And i wrote all the info in another posts.
We unpacked our bags when we reached our room and we went out to venture!
I love nature, and the flowers over there was so beautiful.

Marielle grabbed Andrea and I to follow her explore the swimming pool area.
Andrea and my shadow.
Andrea, Zoe, and Marielle! It was candid for the both of them. LAWL, Andrea was raising her arms waving at Wesley or something.
Chempaka's Angels. :P

Rachel Quah, Zoe Yve, and Marielle Fabregas.

O.M.G, i'm actually posting this picture up :l
Oh yeah, we also had an Angel and Mortal game. You all should know the game right. Everyone's an angel and mortal. A mysterious angel to someone while being the clueless mortal to someone else. Rachel Quah was darn pampered! I gotta admit, i was wishing i got her guardian angel =/
But this flower she made was giving to her mortal! Aww, sweet.
Mari, Zo, Grac.
It was indeed pretty boring, to have the whole day without much activities walking around the condo. So i went back to my room and started cam-whoring to articulate my delirium :/

And the sky looked so phenomenal, ah shit, i accidentally deleted the photo. Shit it. Just find my photobucket if you're bored/curious about how the sky looked like that time.

Evening came and all of us went to the conference room. We played SUPERPOKE!
The game was pretty apparent that they got the idea from Facebook.
Now, i found it very unfair that Silas' group was attacking us. Then another team buckled-up with him and we lost all our points and were eliminated from the bloody game!
So this terrorist boy - Isaac, became very infuriated and was a sore loser, and guess what!
HE STARTED CRYING... I was like, .... .

And i was very displeased being in the same team with him. Firstly, he wouldn't shut his damn pie-hole. Secondly, he has anger issues.
I do find him very abnormal, or SPECIAL. He was declaring in an above average voice-tone, " Imma terrorist! I practiced/killed before!!!"

So, with a statement like THAT. It enticed me to ask him, what was it.
And he started telling me this incident from PAINT BALLS.
"There was this guy who pissed me off and i pushed him to the ground and shot him."
Awesome! That's really terrifying and oh-so scary dude.

And his outrageous claims of killing his doctor before because of an anger fit was the DUMBEST THING i've ever heard.
So i was questioning him, " If you killed your psychiatrist, you should be in a boys home now till you reach 18 and go to jail permanently."
He was stuttering his answer till Marielle cupped my mouth with her hand and dragged me back.
Asking me not to bring it any further.

[Deleted the second closer picture of him crying]

After the game finished, it was someone's birthday. I was kinda surprised myself even though it wasn't my celebration.
Happy birthday, Andrew!
This was the part where Aunty Judith prayed for him.
I couldn't wait to leave that damn room to chill at my room. But i noticed there were stars.
Very clear, beautiful, astonishing stars. I saw The Hunter, and the other constellations.
I wanted to enjoy the magnificent sight that's hardly ever seen so bright, so i laid on the road side. =/
Totally dirtying my t-shirt, "embezzling" it with stones and dirt.
We all had quite an early night, chatted awhile and dozed off to sleep.

12/05/2007 - Wednesday
Woke up at 8-9 A.M. Still with the excitement of a great day which today, was our trip to Genting's theme park!
The scenery's in Genting are impressive. Although this picture appears to be painted.
We were waiting for the bus to pick us up and take the cable down to Genting's mall.
Mariella and I.

Angela and Zoe.
Rachel Q. <3Peter, Shaun, and moi!
Adam, me and Rach!

I was very bored, waiting for the van and all. So i kept asking everyone to take photos with me.

Rach, Khai ling, and who else... -.-
Finally... NO. Cables were busy till an hour later. So all of us had to take a damn cab.
And finally, we reached! I kinda found this unnecessary, the bears with the outfits on the stage and all.
We were all planning on going to the theme park, but there was a long queue. Some of us didn't wanna waste time so we went our separate ways.
Rachel, Adam, Shaun and I passed by 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' lot. The ticket was RM$18.
I walked away feeling the price was overrated.

And we journeyed around...
Hey, what's Lady Liberty doing here? It's her twin! :O
We went up again... thinking about whether it was worth it.
I bought the book at first for $RM6. I wasn't planning on going in, 'cus i only saw one room.
Adam persuaded me and said it was totally worth it 'cus there was like 10 rooms actually.
I thought it was female, seeing the obvious BOOBIES. But I was told it was a very obese man.
VERY i must repeat. Who's da sexy mama now.

The tallest man ever LIVED!
This statue was believed to have powers to make a woman pregnant. Adam dared me to touch it. The first spot in contact was it's bosom, LOL. Adam was like, "Why must you touch that?"
I replaced my hand on her shoulders, taking a picture with it. There were lots of testimonies telling how mysteriously they gotten pregnant even after consuming The Pill.
Quah was scaring me after =/ "Zoe! you're gonna get pregnant later!"
I couldn't stop thinking about it even though i AM a virgin. Who knows!
I might get pregnant spiritually by that cursed African statue!

Look again.
The man survived. Cool. lol.
This chair was made for a giant. The four of us could sit on it. He must of had a huge ass...
Thank God. 'Yo mama's so fat, that if she sat on this chair, she'd break it!'
Dwarfs actually DO exist! o.O
Blue-face freak.
The largest hands every recorded. One hand could hold 12 eggs!
He could choke two people at once.
I actually thought this lady and that man (below) was real. And stood before them, not wanting to disturb their shooting. And i stood there for 5 seconds. Realizing what a bloody fool i was.
Stupid old lady >=(
Dumb geezer!
Us messing with the mirrors.

Zoe Almighty!
Largest clam shell found.
CUTEEEE! I want one as my pet! CLONE IT DAMMIT.
This amazing work was done by toasting bread. How on earth did she do that?!
Get me a toaster and make me a millionaire.
We all left, my favorite was definitely the VORTEX room. It's an illusion you're spinning around the room. When actually, it's just some bloody rotating hollow tube with wallpaper creating the illusion. The mind is tricked and the whole body loses it's balance. Kept hitting my waist to the handle on the right. Damn it. But darn fun was it!
Had another conference and chatted for a couple of hours when we returned to our dorm and slept.


We all were asked to do movie spoofs (parody). Ours were Star Wars! LOL.
Marielle was the note-taker.
I was thinking and cam-raping.
JoWee was shy. His name sounds so alike to mine right!? O.O
Was kinda tired because of the late night.
We all practiced our lines/characters. Dinner was prepared, we went down to the BBQ area.

Andrea, Shaun, Marielle and John. It was a foggy night.
After a quick dinner, we went to dress our fellow model of British Airways - Jo WEE!!
This is Peter, his costume theme was futuristic. Say Hi to the future runway couture.
Jo Wee the Jungle man!
Jungle man Jo Wee and Zoe the Yve?
This is little cute Andrew Khoo boy.
Silas was explaining his outfit. And he was hilarious.

Sherlyn Gan is Silas' sister. Her theme was indian. (I think)

After was Peter's dictator - Andrew! The belated birthday boy. He should be a comedian in the future. He thought about everything in minutes, and his acting was so funny!
Around 10.30P.M it ended, and we all went to each other's dorm chatting and playing.
It was so foggy, i haven't seen such foggy night since last autumn in Canada ;[Everyone was feeling tired by 1 in the morning,
While some we playing chor dai di.
Okay, a stupid photo i know. Was just fiddling around with my N73's flash.
We decided to walk around the blocks. Marielle and I even pressed doorbells and ran away.
LOL, such old prank.
The night was cold but i enjoyed it and wished it never ended. Saw a huge spiderweb.
Andrea taught me some spinning thing which made me dizzy and i almost fell till Wesley caught me.
Thank GOD! I was on a bloody hill. Around 3 A.M. We went back to rest for tomorrow's departure.


8 A.M *yawnsss* When i went to the living room i realized Jon, Grace, Wesley and Andrea slept together. Of course the girls on the sofa and the guys with the provided mattress.

Quickly changed and took the last photos of this soon-to-be memories.
Rachel came in surprised, and i invited her to join in the "fun"!

And we all packed and left our dorms. While waiting for the bus to send us back to Subang.
We all took group photos!

British Airways!
Room-mates!<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">I was the first few on the bus, and took pictures of myself when nobody was looking.
It ain't wrong to be vain right?
Poor Peter was tired.

I didn't sleep at all actually. Was too mentally active to be. We were reaching Subang when i took this picture.
And sadly, we reached school
Cheers to me, Sonya and Sereena.
And my Andrea :[ LOL, she said she'll never take a photo with me again!
Uncle Shaun and Zoe Niece.

The camp wasn't all that i expected it to be, but it wasn't that bad!
Humorous games and teamwork was enjoyable.
I'm really gonna miss the times. Hopefully next year would be better!

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