Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mini Update; Introduction to Ky's party

Yesterday's Christmas party at Kar Yeong's place was C-C-CRAZY. Almost everyone was drunk or high, the rest were chatting among themselves. The people I recognized were Nicholas Chay, Cindy Tey, Tan Yee Hou, Simon Seow and of course Teoh Kar Yeong. Christopher invited and brought me there.

We did some Christmas shopping before that so the jam made us reach later than expected. I also bought a G-string from La Senza for the party's theme which was something wearable costing RM10 or more. Thongs were the cheapest thing there and it would be amusing seeing the victim wear it in public. Met a lot of awesome new peepo, not all though, I was sexually assaulted by two strangers whom I barely met for over an hour. Putting that aside, glad I got to know Kimberly Cun, Siao Ling, Suanie Tan, Anthony Chin, Gareth, Rachel Haw, Terence Goh, 'Horny' Choo and Huai bin with a few others that I didn't really get to catch their names.

Firstly, I wanna say...
I CAN NEVER LOOK AT MY TOES THE SAME WAY EVER AGAIN. It was truly a traumatizing experience. I am scarred for LIFE, Huai Bin, L-I-F-E. (Thank God I had nail polish on.)

Of course, HORNY WAS TO BE BLAMED. He was the one who offered my foot to the wasted Huai Bin and I was unfortunately dragged into his toe-sucking fetish. It was accompanied by this other crazy woman from Johore. Gawd, I hate you all! D:

Okay, it's fine. Apology accepted. Just to remind you, it was 'toes'. I'm pretty sure you licked more than one little toe of mine! :D

It was all fun in the end. A lot of kissing went around. Blog more when I get the pictures. Hope you guys enjoyed Christmas as much as I did. Oh oh oh, thank you KY for having me in the party. Sorry for the screams, I totally freaked OUT.


Huai Bin said...

I sorry Z0E! I was pretty much wasted at that point. :)

Apologies ya, at least got mistletoe? I think? I can't remember much of that night.

AC said...


I wonder if she is awake to see this.

suanie said...

hahaha so your screamings brought the cops over! hahahaha

nice meeting you, though my surname isn't tan ;) it's all good!

Myhorng said...

no wonder u hate me so much. that make u remember me well though. LOL

Missyve said...

Huai Bin - *misery* I wish i had missile toes to blast you guys off.

AC - hahaha, hope she doesn't!

suanie - Oh noo, I'm sorry! But it was DISGUSTING, I just had to scream. :l My bad, I'll change it. See you again? :D

Horny - I do I do. You horrible person, hahah.

§pinzer said...

so proud of you Zoe! you passed the alcohol test lol. and lived to tell the tale :P

Simon Seow said...

I wonder what your toes taste like. LOL. Thanks for the kisses. :P

Missyve said...

Tock - anytime! hahah, I din drink much, honestly. That was very little. Better than SOME PPL tho, keke.

Simon - I don't even wanna think abt it! ahahha. Your welcome, it's a once in a lifetime thing. =x

Kimberlycun said...

you.are.15. WTFFFFFFFFFF

er happy new year lol

Missyve said...

LOLLLL. Happy New Year to you too, Kim!