Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet my Zohan.

This post was saved on draft on New Year's Eve at 10 in the morning. I got a gift from my BFF, something I was rather... to be truthful, disappointed with. There was a lot of hassle to get it, she made me meet her all the way at The Sunway Pyramid after leaving her house to go home. =.=

Kept rushing me because her parents were already there to pick her up (which got me annoyed as she didn't want to pass it to me earlier). I met her at the New Wing entrance and she said, "Merry Christmas!"

Chocolates! Must be chocolates or something. Or cookies? She handed me a small cardboard box and I excitingly turned it over to read the contents. "Don't shake it! It's a hamster."

Oh. My jaw dropped. I have much to complain about with the respect of my BFF of course. WHY ON EARTH DID YOU GIVE ME A HAMSTER WHEN I TOLD YOU THE OTHER TIME I CLEARLY DID NOT WANT ANOTHER RESPONSIBILITY?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Read my rants here.

Boo. I'm a hamster! Your lovely Christmas gift from Hannah.

She also passed me this big-ass bag with hay and food inside. How thoughtful! The receipt was included to make me fully aware of the costs too. :D

I named him Zohan because it was a mixture of my name and hannah's. (Get it? Zoe+Hannah = Zohan.) His birthday shall fall on... August the 3rd. I don't know why, it's just a random date. Hamsters live approximately for 2-3 years.

That sexay ass of his, oh long live cute thang.

Hay wasn't needed because I had had hamsters before. About 7. I prefer the natural hay to the artificial one because that one has a green apple fragrance to it. I doubt animals appreciate that kind of artificial smell in their habitat.

Me being a responsible owner and filling up the tray with a mixture of both hays.

It's a classy yet classic apartment, with a second storey ;D Ordinary/regular hamster cages don't have this. This was kinda expensive, bought it like 6 years ago.

Wiped the cage dry and poured some food into the bowl. I had a really bad habit of filling it to the brim last time. Much was wasted as the product became flaccid in a day and the hamsters would not touch it afterwards.

Ta-daa, hamster-proof suite for hamsters is done. Pretty neat, huh.

Since it was the first time for Zohan, he was a bit suspicious and wary of his surroundings.

Didn't exactly want to be entrapped in a place so strange and new to him. I let him climb all over the surface of the cage and after 5 minutes i got impatient and dropped him inside.

There, there now. I was worried he would drown in the bottle cap of water because he was so small. Only a few months old, me assumes. But after a few days of him spilling it everywhere, I took out the rodent's water bottle feeder and gently probed him to sniff it several times. Some aren't used to modern maintenance, so I was just worried he would like, die of dehydration or something.

Zohan was given to me on the 30th of December ;)

Saved as draft on 31st Dec, 2008 and published on 21st January, 2009.


Huai Bin said...

I, er...I mean, a friend of a friend, killed a hamster once. Just coz he put meth into the drinking receptacle. It went hyper and afte 2 minutes, flopped belly up.

RIP, experimental hamster. ;)

Chris Thoo said...

ahhhhh...he rockssss..can i squeeze the hell of the mother....i mean.... cute thinggggg? :D....

you ought to have a theme song for zohan u know. lets just hope he's not like adam sandler in the movie... *swt

§pinzer said...

ghahaaha gawd I love how you write your stories! my thoughts of you still stands true and I have no reason to believe you won't be a great story teller one day ;)

Jeremy said...

aww.....so cute...reminds me of my baby Pico...

Myhorng said...

got water bottle for hamster out there. and i used to have exactly same cage of yours. and 2 of them.

Missyve said...

MURDERER. =O *gasps*

Chris - A theme song for a hamster? I dounch get you. No! Squeeze him and i squash your tomatoes.

Spinzer- LOL? I don't get how whati write amuses you. o.o but am glad that it entertained you in any way :)
Great story teller? Hahaha, I'd spill out all the spoilers first.

Jeremy- What a cute name for a pet. Awww.

Horry - I have two water receptacles for rodents but he was so small! Didn't think he could reach. Wow, seems like there are a lot of hamster owners in MY.