Monday, December 08, 2008

It's my turn.

I haven't been able to blog lately because of some hardware problems of my laptop. But anyway, I think I should explain some of the spamming which didn't really affect me much.

So Stella. I see that 'A' has concerned you about this whole "dilemma". It isn't fair to me that you only heard his side of the story. What about mine? You don't even know me to say all those stuff about me.

Firstly, the thing about me "running away"? 'A' was calling me 10 times a day (over 10 minutes each time) inquiring about 'H' (his ex-gf). LIKE HELLO, I HAVE A LIFE? So many times he made me late for an outing because he couldn't stop talking. Always repeating the same questions and taking forever just to say the same things over and over again. I couldn't put my make-up 'cus 'A' complained it was noisy when it was on loud speaker. I couldn't shower, I couldn't do a lot of stuff with him calling me frequently.

Besides, this doesn't concern you. Since you're his friend, I'll take the time to explain myself. What's with this whole brainwashing shit? She no longer likes him, she asked for a break up. He refuses and insists on keeping a dying relationship.

Oh, I'm sorry? Is that your house I'm staying at? She's my best friend, we stay barely 5 minutes away from each other. Sometimes she stays/comes over my place and vice-versa. What's the big deal with that. Who are you to tell me not to do so? 'A' would answer "Because she's my girlfriend." Well not anymore and the fact that it's not your place doesn't give you any authority to say so.

Why does she want a break up? People change, feelings change. Don't blame the whole entire world for your sorrows. Why and how on earth would I "brainwash" her? I can't even be bothered with you, you're the one pestering me all the time about her. When you found out we were working in Sunway Pyramid, you stalked her. After multiple times of H telling you not to visit her, you stubbornly did otherwise and apologized later. You even annoyed my manager when you kept asking questions at my workplace.

It's always the same damn thing. "What she doing? Where she going? How come this? Why she like that? So she never say anything? What's her blog? What she message you?" I don't even wanna talk about the conjunctions man. 'A' needs to loosen up a little. If she has lost all feelings/love for him, it is pointless for him to keep up with this "enthusiastic" investigation.

So, why WOULDN'T I change my number? Don't you realize how annoying it is to receive phone calls even in the wee hours of the morning just to be asked about her? I'll give one incident, the day you were gonna give H a watch which you claimed that cost RM$1K. After bothering me to ask her some questions for half an hour when it was almost 11PM, halfway doing my homework. You called at fucking 4AM, I picked up, 'A' asked, "You sure H going to school a not? Don't lie to me. blablabla" Can't even remember the rest. Then you called at 6AM... AND 7AM. What the hell is wrong with you?! DON'T YOU SLEEP?! COULDN'T YOU AT LEAST WAIT TILL I WAS AWAKE TO GO TO SCHOOL.

And you Stella lady say I'm TRYING TO RUN AWAY FROM THIS PROBLEM WHICH ISN'T EVEN MINE?! Their whole BGR has nothing to do with me. H is merely my best friend and somehow I am sucked into this whole complicated situation. You're labeling me with such degrading names that I definitely do not deserve. I repeat, you do not even know me or this whole story. How bias of you.

Hmm, I didn't read through everything but merely skimmed through your stupendous spams and about you saying I'm blogging for attention and that you're disgusted with my blog.

If you don't like it then don't read. Just like a book, don;t buy it if you're not interested. Don't be dumb now, of course this blog is about ME. It's MY blog, it's my PUBLIC journal which I share with everyone. I'm sorry that you're saying I'm getting attention from this blog of mine just 'cus you're not. And that you're trying to get attention from my space now.

Don't assume from your friend's point of view. Of course everything he says make me look like the big bad witch, and 'H' is Little Red Riding Hood. All you talk about is your gang, meet out, etc. What has THAT got to do with anything? Is that all you care and think about...violence?

I'm gonna be honest about what I thought of you, Stella when I found out I got spammed.
No.1) What a sweet friend you are.
Awwww! You came all the way here just to spam for your friend when you heard his pitiful story. That is REALLY nice of you. But your actions were dumb of course. Rather than using your sense to find out the whole truth you just ran off like a mad women breathing threats at me.

No.2)A stupid cunt.
HOW THE HELL COULD YOU SAY THAT? LIKE I SAID, I'M NOT EVEN RELATED TO THEIR BREAK UP. And you're totally defaming me. I need to be vindicated, don't ya think? If you believe 'A' so much, why does he have to go telling all his friends about this?

Obviously, he's trying to get all the support he can get. "I'm such a pitiful guy, my GF cheated on me, her best friend tried to break us up, I was such a nice guy and did this and that..." I don't blame you, hunny. I'd be mad too if my good friend shared the same story.

But I wouldn't have done something as dramatic as you did. Nuh-uh. Actually, I didn't even wanna bother defending myself. My friends know who I really am, I know I'm innocent. People might misunderstand me but that's their problem. Since you're making it such a big matter, I took the time to write ALL THIS.

Don't go off spamming your head off now. THINK. Think first. Who's the one to blame? Not me. Nope. It was simply because her love faded away.

It is indeed a sad, sad story.

The End.


rojakrojak said...

zoe, no need to waste time with "friends" like that, let it gooo~~~

you don't know me but you're articulate and i like that about your blog.

Missyve said...

Hmmm, I agree. THANKS SO MUCH T.T
It's really nice to hear that.

Thanks ^^ Wish I could blog more often.

Stella said...

So i see you really want attention and face don't you? Lol you're really being cheap. You said you'll delete this post and and forget bout everything as to compromise. Looks like you're a bitch who wants attention and always wanna win aren't you? I'm really lazy to deal with you through the net, its so boring and no fun. Well, your school holidays are ending, and you'll be going back to school. It'll be easier to ''compromise'' in real life if you still wanna make things big. Happy new year bitch.