Monday, November 24, 2008

A hair cut and him.

Dead tired I was, a good night's rest after Asia Conference. Woke up in the morning, reminded by my frizzy hair full of split ends I told mom I wanted a hair cut. Dressed casually we drove to Taipan.

APT juniors SUCK, she kept breaking off strands of my hair. Noob.
No tips for YOU!

Mommy withdrew money and she simply loves this vegetarian restaurant there. Ate her favorite dish, curry chicken. Crunchy crunchy yums. They gave us such a small serving, much bigger last time. I hate the bloody recession, everyone becomes cheapskates.

I was displeased with the shortness, I want long, silky smooth hair. Not ordinary, should-length hair. I'm just glad that the split-ends are gone.

I changed because Shawn was gonna watch Madagascar 2 alone since everyone watched it already. (Ha-ha, slow!) Me, being the coolest person ever, offered my companionship. He agreed and mommy drove me to The Summit.

Still unused to the new hair cut.

"Mom... can I have my allowance?"

Hee, love you mommy!

(MONEY, MONEY, MONEY *jumps in glee*)

Arrived on time 5 P.M but the earlier show was half an hour ago. We bought the 7.30PM one and had dinner at Subway's after stalling in Creepy Creatures.

Someone sure did enjoy his sandwich.

Chit-chatted for an hour, random topics I can't remember. "What you wanna be? Oh... You ran away from home before? Haha. Yeah, it was so dumb. Do you love your family? Wow. ..."

Weird stuff.

Even after a certain incident I still can't resist The Soya Shop! I just HAD to try out the Soy pita bread. Very bland, velly healthy, velly good.

Watched the movie for the second time prior from Nuffnang's free movie premiere I attended two week ago. It was still funny the second time, even though i knew what was coming. Noticed more of the background and details.

Shawn invited me over to his place for supper! His sister cooked some Japanese food, sushi and the works. That wasn't the highlight of the night. We Youtubed, watching videos of beat box and beat boxers such as Dharni (whom he is crazy over).

I told him my passion for drums and you know what he did? HE GAVE ME HIS FIRST PAIR OF DRUM STICKS, OMFG. I was a bit stunned, I would never use it of course. It's a gift, a valuable one. I bugged him to sign it. After much persuasion, he looked for a marker and lied on the floor.


Whoa whoa, is it gonna happen?! Is he gonna sign his AUTOGRAPH?

Shawn thinks intensively, what is wrong?

He doesn't know his own signature -.=
Awesomeness still abounds.
Lee practices on paper.

Mom calls, whoops. Gotta go, kay thanks *grabs drum sticks*
Actually, he practiced like 20 times for 2 minutes and I had to rush his ass to get him to just bloody sign it 'cus my mom was waiting outside.

Yay, done. it's with me now, w0ots.

Sell it on E Bay when you become more famous, kidding. :P

Thanks man, means a lot.

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