Monday, December 22, 2008

A Cut Above Fashion Graduation

I was a replacement for my friend - Hannah, to be a model for a student graduating from A Cut Above Academy. No time to blog about the previous 2-day preparations so I'll skip right to the show.

The show was on The Sunway Pyramid's red Christmas tree stage. I WAS FREAKING NERVOUS. Before I walked out, my anxiety was getting to me. "Holy camolies, ZOE! Calm yourself down, you look fine. You're gorgeous, you're awesome. Yes, you are! :D" It didn't help at all. I sometimes wonder why I talk to myself so much. Such a lonely soul I have.

I did bad.
Thank you Shawn, for being the only one there to support me!
Besties for lifie.

Had to go back after the show to take pictures with Winnie Loo. The founder of A Cut Above. A few of the students I got to know better was Ming Kai and...this pretty lady beside him.

City Harvesters FTW! Hanna is the girlfriend of the church's drummer, w0ots.

Winnie kept talking when we were supposed to take photographs so time was delayed. Hannah was waiting for me and I got impatient. So I asked them to let me out for awhile to meet my dearieee.

She's the one who was originally chosen. A pity that work wouldn't let her go. Sorry! This was meant to be your chance.

Went back into the studio and took pictures with the other models.

Ming Kai's a graduating hair stylist, congratulations!

I was bothered by the person who took this picture. Knowing it'd be a sucky one.

Ray, was shaved bald with only a patch of hair near his forehead to hold the wig up. Poor dude was freezing cold.

One of the educators of the academy.

Enough of camwhoring. Everything has to go, all good things come to an end. My hair stylist was removing the wig off.

Overall, it was a good experience. The process was torture nevertheless. Hundreds of hair strands were damaged and torn, many were pulled off. Fuckers!

Wondering what it is? Air spray. They put some sort of face paint in a steel tool and the machine blows the color on your face. The artiste uses paper or plastic design to create the look they want.

I was flower girl yet again!

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