Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A bouquet of roses from (Cameron Highlands) Shawn Lee.

My work shift was extended because they needed extra staff for midnight. I told Shawn I would end at 7 P.M and he kept calling me. Wondered why, he was saying it was something really important and he HAD to meet me up. The Summit was the original rendezvous but because of dear ol' me it changed to Taipan's Mcdonalds.

I thought, "Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries!!!! *giggles hysterically*"
I sat down beside the window and played Puzzle Bubble, saw Shawn heading my way and I looked up.

"Here!" He cutely held the bouquet of twelve roses in his hands and placed it on the table awkwardly. I was speechless. Wtf?! So unromantic, LOL.

Well, yeah... I love it! "But but but, what does this mean? Does he like me? Nah, he's my best friend. How sweet :D " Never thought in my life I would ever receive a bouquet of roses at all. When my cousin in Kluang told me she received a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day last year, I grew a little green but most importantly, I thought when would the day be when I would get one.


I was so flabbergasted, couldn't help but stare at the roses for a while. Shawn complained that I gave them more attention than him. I'M SORRY, it's not everyday I get them flowers.

I absolutely adore the beauty of roses but just so you know my favorite are daisies. (Like if you ever think of buying or growing me flowers personally, hee.)

I don't think I deserve holding those beautiful flowers in this. *changes into formal dinner dress*

Now that's much better.

I'm so obsessed.

I embraced it just like on T.V. So this is how it feels like, hmmm.

Stop, stop stop... but it's so God blessed gorgeous.

That's the last picture, I swear. Thank you Shawn, really. You didn't even buy any for yourself but a sling shot to catch lizards D: *erases thought* It was real sweet man, thanks buddyyy~

I will remember to write the reasons you're awesome on your Christmas card. 'Cus he told me what was the most attractive things about me.

1) Accent
2) Face
3) Character

It made me go, aww! You think I'm pretty, yay.

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