Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is so much fun.

I didn't sleep AT ALL, yesterday. My friends from the neighborhood was coming over at 8AM. So I chatted at the Cbox, checked Face Book and Friendster, mostly Plurked. Hannah and Leon came over to watch the movie 'Mirrors'. She asked me whether I could cover the windows with a blanket or something to reduce the brightness.

I had nothing! So I used the mattress Michelle slept on (when she and Sherry stayed over) and 2/3 blocked the sunlight from entering.


Anyways, Hannah brought some Mamee and chocolate 'cakes'. I ate two of each as breakfast and slept for two hours from 10AM-12PM. That was all the rest I got. The movie wasn't appealing anyway. Tze drove us to The Pyramid 15 minutes after I woke up and Hannah went to work.

My colleague and I searched for foood. Mommy left without handing my week's allowance, Leon was SO NICE to treat me lunch! *hugs* I took a seat at Jusco's food court waiting for the order.

It's yee mee, hot plate yee mee. Nice but a tad bit too salty.

Our shift starts at 4:30, we had 3 hours to waste. We went around mapping The Pyramid, sat on Ogawa massaging chairs...uh, camwhored?

I don't like putting make-up everyday. I wouldn't want my skin to adapt to that thus losing my natural glow! It's for work. I've gotta look more presentable and pleasant-looking to customers, right? I just use the basics, foundation, blusher, eyeliner and lip gloss.

Spent some time idling in Padini, where Hannah works., where Hanna works. I spotted REALLY NICE jeans selling for RM$69 only! I'm gonna buy like 3 pairs of them when mommy comes back, I hope =/

I'm an EMO teen.

Spent half an hour in the changing room. HEE.

I'm not acting cute, I rushed this one 'cus a customer/staff was coming in.

Okay. 2 moar hours. Crocs, Swatch, Ogawa massaging chairs again and more pictures.


Garfield, you fat cat you.

I'm such a loser, gawd.

Merry-go-round, wooooo. I love them, no matter what.

Miraculously, I still managed to work till midnight. Suling, Kelvin and Christopher came to visit me! AWESOMO! Before that, something really stupid happened. We were busy scraping the ice-cream tubs (to clear it from the ice-cream), as we do every night before closing. This bloody Chocolate Mousse Royale flavored ice-cream was hard as a rock, so I left it in the open to warm up a little.

I took care of it 15 minutes later. It was starting to melt on the sides but was still frozen in the middle. Scrape, scrape, scrape...ooh, hard spot. *extra strength*


Chocolate ice-cream splattered everywhere. OH GAWD, I was praying that Kelvin and the peeps didn't see that, thank God they haven't arrived. Screw you, ice-cream! I used rough tissue to wipe my face and neck. Sweat, dirt and ice-cream is DISGUSTING. I would of gone 'YUCK' if it was durian flavor. Not that I hate durian, I love it!

I was showing a whinny face to my colleagues, ALL THEY DID WAS LAUGH. Yeah, thanks a lot, guys. We finished cleaning up the place and I changed (I had to). Met up with the lot and had supper at Williams. Suling and Kelvin ordered lasagna and it is ONE HECK OF A DISH. I gotta order that next time.

Tock gave me a U-mobile Sim card. WHOA, thanks! THAT does not redeem you from bowing down to me (hee!). I passed the 8th level of 'Lights Out' and I'm at grade 13 now! WOOHOO! Remember, Joshua, Kelvin, Ren and Andrew were all my witnesses of your statement. *evil smile*

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