Saturday, November 29, 2008

Things happen when I sleep.

Scary things.

Evil things.


It's unbelievable or rather, RIDICULOUS what goes on when I sleep. No, no ghost appeared or spiritual encounters (yet). I haven't sleep walked in years. Maybe I talked a little in my dreams. It's not about that, it's not even about me.

I used to be a deep sleeper. A crazy one. I kicked and moved about, it sure was a violent yet peaceful rest. I'd wake up with my head at the end of the bed. One time, I found my feet on my dad's throat. I think I was 6 or 7 that time. My mom and friends would complain that I always kicked them when we slept together. Waking me up was another chore.

Let's go 2 years back. 13, exhausted from a chalet with two 'friends' in Singapore. One attention seeker friend asked whether we wanted to go to a guy's house who we hardly know that she met at a club outside because she was rejected entrance her newly found friend's home for fun. Also, 3 other guys were there who are the dude's friends.

My first thought that she was f-ing SICK. What the hell was wrong with her?! She asked and asked so we obliged. The scary thing was, they even paid for our taxi ride. WHAT WERE THEY EXPECTING FROM US?!

One strange thing happened. I was dead tired so I slept on a mattress while the others were chatting away. THIS GUY FELL IN LOVE WITH ME WHEN HE SAW ME SLEEPING. WTF RIGHT?! They made scrambled eggs and he spoon fed me. I didn't want to but my friends were telling me to just eat it. So I just gave him face =/

I got really mad when they told me he pecked my cheek while I was asleep. ARGH! ASSHOLES, it's supposed to be saved for my future boyfriend. I pretty much have nothing but my virginity now (thank God for that at least)!

One girl left and there were only the both of us. It might sound strange why I'm keeping such anonymity but you'll think it was wise to do so later.


How could I not have heard? I should of known because he was topless the next morning and she was pretty close to him. I just thought they were really friendly and open. O.o

STILL! How could they even dare to do so when I was around. GEEZ, PEOPLE THESE DAYS.

The more recent one was when I was at my friend's house napping. A certain couple was playing around, tickling each other. They cuddled on a bench in front of the bed. I really was sleeping, but you know, sometimes we just look up sleepily. THEY WERE MAKING OUT, GAWD.

My eyelids opened up so wide and my mouth went :O
I hastily slammed my head back on the pillow before they saw me SEEING them french (kiss).


And that asshole still lied to me he did not kiss her. Screw you, nutwit. I SAW IT WITH ME OWN EYES.

So anyways, more to come in the future. Why don't you invite me to sleep over your house? :D


Sue Me said...

oh my..that's so not cool. PDA eh? those things should be kept private lo..

that bloody asshole who pecked you on the cheek? i wish he gets peck by chickens and geese when he goes out. Muahahahaha..

*hugs Lil ZOe*

Ren said...

i got 2nd tot when some 1 wanna come over my place dy =..=

§pinzer said...

wanna stay over.... for a game of othello? lolol..

you becareful out there aight, it's a cruel world... but you can count on us anytime :)

Missyve said...

Sue Me - It is cool! Nah, if they can do it in front of me while I'm unconscious. I'm sure they wouldn't mind a secretive story.
hahaha, I wish he gets pecked to death because he got bird flu from the chickens. *hugs sue me!*

Ren - LOL!! Can't wait till we're at Sue's place. :D

Tock - And pawn you AGAIN? :P Yeah, it's an evil, lustful world we live in. Thanks :)

Simon Seow said...

dangerous to sleep over at young guy's house, it's safe to sleep over at my place. lol