Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shop, shopping, shopped.

Hello bitches, I would want to just publish this post full of pictures without any effort in typing because I accidentally or the fucking keyboard selected everything and *poof* it vanished. My hard, enthusiastic work was gone in a split second. So suck you, and I'm trying really hard to suck up to this.

This was what I bought yesterday. One of Yves Rocher Christmas sets, Vanilla Sweet Treat for $RM39.90. A good investment I think. If you bought everything separately, the price would of tripled. Spending money freely because I ain't used to getting paychecks, eheh.

What's inside?

A lip balm, an eau de toilette spray and a travel-size shower gel. (Shower Gel, 1.7 fl. oz./50 ml bottle Eau de Toilette, 0.67 fl. oz./20 ml spray Nourishing Lip Balm, 0.18 fl. oz./5 g jar Candy Jar, 2.4"/6 cm D x 4.7"/12 cm H.)
It's lovely!

But it isn't as glamorous as it looks. No cute, yellow container for us Malaysian customers. Bummers.

Shopped at Padini Authentics when I walked Hannah to work. Tried on a few clothes 'cus I still had time before my shift. I didn't exactly have a time for the manager didn't schedule it not knowing when I would return from J.B. Yay for me.

RM$49.90 after 10% discount, too expensive for me. :( LOVED THIS TOP SO MUCH.

From the same shelf with the same price, really liked the casual, nice semi-formal tee. Didn't get to buy it either, roar. Was miserable till I saw an aunty wearing it, total turn off.

Cowgirl-ish, howdy. Perfect cutting. RM$69.90 @ 20% discount.

Looks even better when it's folded up. *drools* Must..own.this..beautiful..thing.

A different color from the above. Which one suits me better?


But wait, there's more.

50% OFF! RM$39.90 yo. Affordable and stripey. So Christmassy, perfect timing darling.

Oh no, another color. Pale, faded green, with the same Christmas feel. I was cracking my head on which color to choose.

This was worn for Hannah, the last S size left :O Got it in the nick of time, phew.

So, guess which one I bought? THE GREEN STRIPEY AND RED SHIRT! I didn't have enough so Hannah borrowed me some money to buy the red one. Both of us bought the long sleeve, buttoned-up shirt together. Love ya! I checked my phone and WHOA, I've been here for over an hour. *Rushes to the counter and dash off to Baskin Robbins*

-5 minutes later-

Ta-daa. Here I am, being a hard worker. Doing waffles FOR THE FIRST TIME, OMG. Don't I look totally cool?

Oo-keh, teaching you beloved readers the steps to make waffles.

*Hong Kong accent*
Namba Wan, you pour wata into bo of flowa. Anee meazhamen wil du.

Uze mixa and whip til vely smooth and consisten. No hart, no tu soft. Just rayte, that right.

Poah a spoonful of liquif waffal into hot, steamy waffo maker. Preheted and spayed with oil so no stik. Keep waffol for one an a haf minit. Kat away de exess around.

Pull out with tweeza an place on meto waffol shappa. Twist and twist, no let goh.

There you have it, a waffle.
Statue of Wafflism.

Kinda fun to make, I always whine to be the one who makes it. No one can take my place as waffle girl! NO ONEEE...

Christmas being round the corner Baskin Robbins ain't missing out on the snowy season's spirit. It's a Sugarman! Made up of only sugar and coloring, oh... and a piece of wood too.

Something new is on the menu just for this festive season. It's that waffle in the illustration. Forgot the name, Brownie niee... Waffle something something. Wokays, forget it. Isn't THAT awesome?

We're stocked with dozens of them, I made the special brownie waffle twice, easy peasy *brags*. Anyways, if you can spot the mistake in the gambar below, I will award you with a mysterious Christmas gift! Go go go.

It's staring at you right in the face.

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