Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The obscene

HEY GUYS! Wanna know what I learned in school today? POSITIONS, uh-huh, uh-huh. I never knew of such things and realized how interesting kinky stuff could be. An epiphany struck me, "Oh, no wonder people talk about sex all the time."

So anyways, my BF (best friend, for I do not have a boyfriend :( ) asked H* and I, "How to do a good blow job ah?"

"HOW DO I KNOW?!" I replied, "I'm inexperienced. I should be the one asking you -.-"

"How?!" M still inquired.

I was like thinking, GEE. I DON'T KNOW DAMMIT.

So H replied her, didn't know what the hell she was talking about so I drew a picture of a...*ahem* and she screwed it up disguised it as a pretty queer beaver. (I added the belly button.)

In all honestly, I didn't know one thing about what H was teaching. But I was intrigued, rather fascinated, I say. Weird names for xes* positions, wth is missionary!? Or even the SHEEP?! I started drawing a sheep when she was teaching us how it worked. I still don't get it. =.=

I swear to you, the only thing I drew on that piece of paper was the sheep and this. Everything else was drawn/taught by H*.

My school-mate went,"THAT'S NOT HOW IT LOOKS LIKE. UGH." Fine, I don't know how a kcid* looks like, OKAY!? T.T
This whole conversation started about me asking how guys wore vibrators. If you look right (beside the "beaver's tail") on the first picture, my friend was teaching M and I what a threesome and a foursome was. UBER COOOOLLL!

I gotta say, those stick humans don't give a good demonstration but it's sure interesting. Whatever, I think the sheep was the best drawing out of everything there.

The things I learn in school, tsk.

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