Friday, November 07, 2008

Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party

This is a really late post, and it isn't even complete. When I gather all the other pictures, I'm gonna edit this entry and set it back to the original date. I now have no chance of winning the post-party entry. Great.

Ren, Yen and Michelle first came over to my place 'cus I was supposed to do their make-up but ended up only helping Michelle. Then Kelvin drove Suling and Sherry here. I roughly patted some concealer and lip liner on Suling. Didn't get to do much 'cus everything was a rush.

I know my room's a mess.

Ren and the guys were very patiently waiting for us ladies to finish up. We left at 6:30 P.M, which was the time the party began. I followed Kelvin and Suling and the rest followed daddy.

Haa, one funny incident I remember was that I borrowed Michelle's black nail polish. It was done horribly and we halted at the traffic light. The counter was in red, "135...134..." counting down when the it'll turn green for us to move. I was so impatient, and I didn't wanna lose her stuff. So I stepped off Kelvin's car, walking in the middle of the road in my Corpse Bride costume and handed the nail polish to Yen who was sitting infront and he was a darling to pass it to Michelle for me,

As I walked back, I heard Sherry saying, "What the hell...*fades off*"


Anyways, we reached one hour later. Kate was helping Hikamaru do his make-up. I only received his message of him wanting me to bring eyeshadow AFTER I left the house. Sorry =/ Registered and stuff, I invited Kate so I passed the Nokia goodie bag and the name sticker to her.

Amazing effects.

Wen Pink, the cutest devil ever.

The whole camwhoring thing started. Mingling around and shaking hands with mutual name introduction.

Kate, Zoe, Suling, Michelle, Wen Pink and Stephanie.

Hallo, KSCB ftw.

Jane, Zoe, Suling, Michelle, Wen Pink, and Stephanie.

Simon, I don't know who he was impersonating but looks like a mixture of Chuckie and Dracula.

I have tons of other pictures with other bloggers but unfortunately I don't have them, belah belah belah.

Dinner time!
Sek fan. Food was awesome, cheers to Borneo Baruk Club.

This is when the devil is angry. O:<

After a satisfying dinner, we were told to blow up balloons to the max and hold it up. The game was to burst other people's balloon and the last one standing with a big balloon will get a prize, movie tickets if I'm not wrong.

Some people (JANE JANE JANE) would go to a certain extent...hmm.
She's the cutest ever!

Someone won it and got some prize and something else started and everyone just walked around. Belah belah.

The most creative costume to me! Bahaha, a life-size milk carton containing melamine. I'm dead already, it won't hurt me.

The embarrassment was about to begin. THE SILENT DANCING, ARGH.
Geebus, like, I was consciously rolling my eyes around in awkwardness while I danced like Mr.Bean.

I plugged in my ear phones to my N73 and listened, Yen didn't download it so I shared it with him. Whoa, he seems to be in a state of trance.

Saw other people shuffling and goofing around. Notice the top left corner of the picture above, Paris Hilton flaunting her thang. Rui On, seriously, it was very convincing. You danced, smiled, giggled like a girl, as if you were a girl! :O

I was tired of dancing and passed my phone to Yen and spotted a few beloved peeps.

Nicholas Chay, who was Dr.Evil (from Austom Powers) that night with Mini Me. I meant Him, Mini Him.

Corpse Bride, Dr.Evil, and Marcia or something :D

Ren Daddyyyyy *hugs* and Sherryy..

Had a short talk with Chris Tock, Phantom of Halloween. :O

Karena, Jamie, Zoe, Christopher, Yee Hou and Firdauz. I like this photo a lot for some reason.

Like how Yee Hou looks so naturally gay here.

The party ended and everyone was leaving the club.

Sherry realized we didn't take a picture together! She was a, uh...Greek goddess. An evil golden goddess. :P

Exited and the bloggers were exchanging their goodbyes.

Saw Audrey(looks really hot.)

Audrey, Timothy and I. Wish he wore his wig :(

Front: Munaks, Ren, Michelle
Back: Kate, Zoe, Sherry, Suling, Shaun, Yen, Hikamaru.
What the hell is Kate doing?! I thought she was trying to grab Munaks' boobieez.

Not wasting the night or costume away, some daring bloggers went to cross the street. Attracting a lot of attention and honking cars.

Stolen from Joshua Ong's Halloween Post.

This photo made me burst out laughing. I mean really. Look at the irony of this picture.

See how Joshua is always on the right side except the last one? And that he looks totally the same in ALL THE PICTURES?!?!


Well I found that funny.

Oh, pardon me for the abnormal size of the pictures. Some were taken from Ren's photobucket and his pictures are HUGE. Some of the links are blocked too, HAHAHA. Oh well, just wait for another post or two to go by. It won't affect you then.

AND a big thank you to Vampira (A.K.A Hannah), who borrowed me her high-heels, gloves and dress which I didn't wear. She was the one I invited from the very start, even before I was confirmed with double tickets. Kinda sad she couldn't make it. Thanks a lotttt!!


Simon Seow said...

I'm Dr. Black Jack, ahem.

Acey Tang said...

Josh is also on the left in the last picture, 2nd row

陈一豪 said...

I hate you, little girl!

Missyve said...

simon - where did that character come from?!

acey - how observant of you ._. thanks for telling :D

yeehou - i love you, old man.

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