Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Madagascar 2; Escape Africa Movie Premiere

11/4, Tuesday. After working for one day, I took leave (HAHAHAHAH) for the movie premiere of Madagascar 2! WOOHOO, thank you Kelvin and Suling so so much!

I took a cab to The Summit to wait for Suling. Joshua drove Suling over and he didn't come along for "personal reasons". We hugged and awaited the bus to bring us to Midvalley. Spotted Hikamaru alone, waiting for his princess. Suling and I went to McDonalds to grab a bite. Kelvin, Yatz and Aaron joined us after finishing the registry

Okay, Yatz was still hungry after finishing a Big Mac. Maybe I should follow his diet so I can be just as tall as he is! Hee. Well, we went to the toilet to wash up before proceeding to the cinema.

*camwhore* I haven't camwhored solo for so long!

Sweetie Suling and moi.

Let's go, let's go, let's gooo! There were people crowding the cinema and it's no wonder...

Alex was there!

and Skipper/Kowalski/Private/Rico. Who knows which one of them is it?

'Zoe' In Cinemas 13 November.

The movie was HILARIOUS. I'd give it a 9/10, since it's my type of movie. It's comedy, love, friendship and family mixed together. I wouldn't mind watching it again. You've GOT TO watch :D

Thomas, Joshua, Kelvin, Suling, Jane, Stephanie, Aaron, Hikamaru, Kate, Yatz and I went to Murni for supper. I love supper and I sure do love Murni!

Ooh, look. This is how Joshua looks like when he's pursing his lips.

Most of the pictures were taken by Suling, thanks sista.


salmalion said...

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joshuaongys said...

lolx wat my lips!!!

Missyve said...

salmalion- i almost spelt ur name as "salmonlion" :P Aren't you kinda INDIRECTLY promoting a webby. I doubt the movie has such a deep motive. It's just the storyline.

Joshua- it looks adorable! hahaha