Friday, November 28, 2008

A day or two with Shawn Lee.

26th November, Wednesday was the day I got my first pay! WOOOOOO! I went to work early for some reason I forgot. I picked up Leon and Hannah along the way and we had spare time so we went shopping. I was actually looking for another job with a more attractive salary (like 5 bucks an hour) but sadly, the minumum age was 18. Asses, maturity or responsibility does NOT necessarily come with age.

I wanted a job so badly but the present I bought for myself cheered me up!

Hannah and I bought it together!

It was a Yves Rocher present set. I bought the Vanilla flavor while she chose the Blueberry one. I said, "Why not I buy yours and you buy mine and we exchange it?!"

This gift-exchanging was totally mutual and PROFESSIONAL YO. See that serious look on our faces?

One of the reasons I bought that was because I could afford it. Pay day, I love pay days. It's much better than maydays. Ignore me :D

I was signing my signature when I collected my salary. What bothered me most was that the Assistant Manager misspelled my name. Makes you wanna go 'CBBKNNABBA!'.

Not much though, a little over two hundred for two weeks. If I earned RM5 p/h, I could of gotten over 500 bucks. =(

Nevermind. I am content... for now.

I splurged it on my well deserved Yves Rocher cosmetics AND a pint of Rum Raisins and Strawberry Cheesecake which I bought for both Shawn and I when he told me he liked Rum 'n Raisins.

HE WASN'T HUNGRY SO HE COULDN'T FINISH IT D=!? Agagah, and he's wondering why he can't gain weight! Pfft.

That more awesome thing other than eating half a pint of ice-cream was that I bought for 30% diskaun (ROFL). As a staff, I enjoy that privilege. I get to eat unlimited testers too, losers.

So that was how I spent my lunch break.

Went back to work and I baked waffles for the first time! Totally cool, my friends, totally. You get this paper bag of flour and pour it on a scale and pour water in it and mix it with a mix which I was holding. :O

Look at that beauty. Soft, creamy and fuzzy!

I'm sorry, I'm being obsessed. (Hey, it's my first time.) You have no idea how fun it is watching that thing spin around. It's making your Baskin Robbins waffles.

How to decorate ice-cream cakes:

I was observing Kak Geey (take THAT for misspelling my name) making and decorating two different cakes spontaneously. The base was Very Berry Strawberry ice-cream with almond nuts covering the circumference. She applied whipped cream on top of it.

Very gently yet quickly spread it evenly. Not wanting the ice-cream to melt or go out of shape.

She dumped the cake in the freezer for it to cool and took out the second cake which was halfway done. You use whipped cream and squeeze any design on the ice-cream cake (for this one it's a simple, elegant circle). Place hugs&kisses chocolates or any other brand you like and place it anywhere you want most complimentary to the design you made.

Sprinkle cocoa powder or drizzle some chocolate syrup over the whipped cream.

She was done with that cake so she put it on display and took out the other unfinished one. Do a checkered design with chocolate fudge or whatever flavor you want.

Place whole almond nuts in each box/square/whatever.

Crucify them with chocolate syrup!

Ain't it easy? It's a piece of cake! Oh the irony. :l

I couldn't stare idling around any longer 'cus there were customers (dammit). The good thing was that the person ordered mango fusion, a drink I never tried before. It's just mango syrup and Mango Tango together, kinda tangy but not too appealing.

Yes, we get to drink the extras. W00ts~

Another thing I like doing other than mixing flour and water together is BREAKING THE ICE! Let's talk about Britney, babies. On second thought, ni-ah. When customers ask for take-away for cakes/pints/quarts/half a gallon of ice-cream. We needa give them dry ice. NOT THE WHOLE CHUNK, IT'S EXPENSIVE.

I was surprised by their method of cutting it. You hammer the knife into it. Totally uncool x.x Nevertheless, an enjoyable activity to do rather than serving customers who take forever just to choose a bloody ice-cream flavor.

I took my dinner break at 6:20 and Shawn wanted to eat Sakae Sushi. Okay, I admit, I was reluctant 'cus I wasn't that hungry and wanted to go shopping with my salary. Although I must say, I did not regret it.

Extremely pampering to buy yourselves stuff and eat something nice for dinner with a friend. You can conclude from this picture that Shawn does not know how to use chopsticks. So cuteee!

I was being watched while chewing my Californian roll. =S Boy, was it awkward. Especially when I didn't know how to eat it.

I know how to use chopsticks but I never fail to make a mess whenever I eat. I did not take this picture, Shawn did T.T "Aiyo, see what a mess you made..." :(

Salmon belly is nicey nice! Taken by Shawn.

We hung out again two days later. After work I followed him to chill with his Cell Group at the bowling alley. No, I didn't play. Ren also called me asking if I wanted to meet him, Suling and Kelvin at McDonalds.

Do not underestimate this kid, he is much better than he looks.

"Shawn takes the ball, he concentrates as he... he's walking towards the... nearing... and he, HE THROWS THE BALL. WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN?!"

Whoa, look at him doing a smooth pass with his groovy moove. He is REALLY good at bowling. He had like 3 strikes, dammit. In my whole entire life, I've only had, what... 5?

And no, I'm not gonna play bowling with you. HELL NO! It's like me asking you to wear a skirt. Complete humiliation, a total epic failure it will be. I'd rather play ping-pong or something :D

Met Suling and Kelvin at McDonalds. Yay! Finally got to see them after coming back. Hugged both of them tightly and I felt really, really bad for rushing Shawn of his bowling game to tag along.

We left at 1AM and I found the whole day rather awkwardly casual.

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