Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hey guys, so sorry for not updating. Was busy the whole week in J.B and traveling to Singapore a few times. My phone's being a total biatch now ;/ Can't see the pictures on my laptop so it's gonna take awhile. I still have like, a dozen things to blog about. :D

Thank you all, those who sent their condolences. It was very thoughtful, the SMSes and calls. Especially Suling, Kelvin and Christopher really lifted my spirits up. Calling several times to see what I was doing and were also the ones who called me FIRST when I just got back here. *SPECIAL HUGS*

*restarts cellphone* Hope I can blog soon, it's making me mad that I haven't updated for over a week. x.x Oh oh, and to Guest who wrote "Guest: your granny died because of a surgery? how can that be? your family should sue the doctors. My condolences *hugs*"

Nononoooo :) She died one day after leaving the hospital so I guess we can't really blame the doctors. Still, thanks a lot for caring.

I better get busy unpacking my stuff and stuff (Uh? o.o). YEAH well, laters.


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