Monday, November 10, 2008

Baskin Robbins

I gotta say this. I LOVE WORKING!! The first day, which was the 3rd of November, was HORRIBLE. I used the wrong cup, I pressed the wrong button, I didn't know where the chilled mineral water was.

Extremely embarrassing. I learned by asking questions. They didn't really bother to teach me either (pffft!). A friend of mine - Joseph saw me working on the first day. He was so nice to support me by buying ice-cream from me.

I really thought it was sweet of him. His friend who I didn't know also bought a scoop. Thanks guys.

I did question myself. Should I quit and find another job or persevere till I become satisfied? I mean, my pay is like McDonalds'. One of the reasons that kept me from leaving was the Assistant Manager - Kak Gee.

I know I look ugly, don't needa tell me anything.

That isn't her real name though. It's a nick she prefers to be called by. I really do love love love her! She's so nice, perky and funny. There was one time I asked her why she rejected other applicants for the job.
"They all students...too young..."
"Oh, then why did you hire me?"
"Because I like you."


Isn't that simply the sweetest thing you've ever heard?! Someone that doesn't like you affectionately but like like! Someone who likes your personality and not anything else. Someone who likes you for you, not your looks, boobs, friends or popularity.

Sadly, she's gonna leave. *SOBS* I barely worked for a week and she's going away. For personal reasons she wouldn't tell me. I asked her to stay buttttttt she can't.

Well, I'm gonna miss you badly, Kak Gee. I'll be glad you're spreading your bubbly-ness elsewhere. The workplace is definitely gonna be different without you. Thanks for making my work a fun place to be in. :(

But the pay still sucks.


Simon Seow said...

Go work in Starbucks. Will you give me free ice-cream if I come to find you? :p

Missyve said...

Sueme said u have to be 18 to work in Starbucks. :(
I give you free ice-cream, you gimme dinner ah! :D