Friday, October 26, 2007

Went out with Rachel~!

Mommy's concentrating real hard to the eye of the camera.
I asked her to relax. and she said my smile looked fake.
Real enough!?

On the way to pick Rachel Soon up.

Went to The Pyramid, and was queuing up for popcorn.
Watched 1408. A movie based on the novel written by King Stephen.

SCARY! You wouldn't know what to expect - unless you read the book of course.

Went to find mommy who was surprisingly eating at Mcdonalds. Which she usually wouldn't.
She said there was no other restaurant open. LAWLL.

Here's Rachel trying on my glasses. 600 on the left okay!

lubb lubbs. o.o

As we were waiting for the elevator, i was like TAKE PIC!
Rachel is a lousy photo-grapher, lawl.

While i'm~~~ experienced.

Went to Rachel's house to stay! :D i think? lawl

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