Thursday, October 23, 2008

Password confirmation

An hour ago, I was searching my head for answers. Answers to unlock my Yahoo account. Nobody except my family knows my Yahoo e-mail. Mommy made it for me when I was 4 years old.

Some bloody hacker or something screwed my password up and I couldn't log in. My bloglog is associated with it so I had to login first. They asked a bunch of questions I remember filling up/editing 2 years ago. Hahah, I sure was worried!

For my secret question and answer page, I froze.


Which hamster's name was it? I had 7 hamsters total, but at 2006...I had only 4 altogether. I named one of my black hamsters 'Booker-T'.

Nope, that wasn't it. Figured it out later, so goodie for me!
Yeah, I watched WWF (It hadn't change to 'WWE' yet). MY BROTHER LOR. CBK, always chokeslammed me when I was younger.

EFF YOU! Kane wannabe!

Burn in the depths of hell with your melted eyeliner and hope all the demons chokeslam you 100 fold back for me.


vincent2903 said...

lol, u play wrestling with ur bro?
then what is ur finisher move?

Missyve said...

NO! He always bullies me. That fat cheapo, no way I can do anything back at him last time.

vincent2903 said...

u can give him 1 kick... then he wont celebrate Father's Day already