Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mamma Mia, Eagle Eye and House Bunny

Mamma Mia!

Last Tuesday, September 23rd, I brought my mom to watch Mamma Mia! The Movie at One Utama. Joshua invited several bloggers for dinner at Burger King and I went there to fellowship while my mom was out on a date.

I have no idea why I was smiling like that.

It's funny when we take reeally ugly pictures, totally candid.

I should stop putting make-up, it makes me look worse than I already am.
Joshua planned this "small gathering" which turned out extremely successful.

Sherry, Zoe and Karena went to the tandas to camwhore.

Banyak :O


Yes, we're lesbians. Karena: *:O*

Hear no evul, Sherry iz evul, Karena's not evil.

Yeah totally, small gathering.

Joshua was so nice to notice I was quiet. Sitting alone eating my Hershey's cake and then standing around listless. I didn't know what to say but you did a good job! *pats Joshua*

It really is an awesome community. (:
From Ragdoll

Went to the cinema and noticed a lot of pink and red.
I just know the people in the middle which are Simon, Karena, Ren, Sherry, Abel, Zoe and Mike.

Little red blogging hoods :D

Mom sat elsewhere 'cus I told her,"Mom, I wanna bring you to see Mamma Mia but is it okay if you sit somewhere else? Not that I'm embarrass to sit with you...just that I can't stand you talking during a movie. :)" She was with cool it, yay! Love you.

Like whut Karena said, Sherry's out mommy. Okie dokie.

Sherry, Zoe, Karena, Yung Chien, Guy-blocked-by-Andrew's-head
Ren, Jentzen, Joshua, and Andrew who is blocking some dude's face.

The movie was alright for me, it isn't exactly my type so I didn't enjoy it as much as mom. Ren came back from the states! He bought all of us VICTORIA'S SECRET BODY LOTION! OMG?!? So nice! Reese's peanut chocolates too. When I saw it, I ripped the foil and dumped it in my mouth.

There was still a black paper cup holding the chocolate which I thought was...chocolate =/

We (Ren, Suling and Sherry) went to McDonalds to have supper and talked about stuff. Thanks Ren for sending all of us back home.

Eagle's Eye

Eagle's Eye was awesome, Yoei couldn't make it so he passed me the tickets, thanks!
I went to Sherry's place at 6PM, Yee Hou was waiting there for 15 minutes. So sorry, buddy. Picked up Robb, Zach, Pinky and Justin. Robb sat in front, while Justin was raped by Zach (as in sitting on top of Zach), Pinky, Sherry and I squeezed. COOL!

Met Audrey and all of us went to some place to eat. Sherry was in a bad mood because of a classmate not knowing what to do for the group project/assignment. Gee, I sure do wanna go to university now!

After the movie we went home, Sherry couldn't go for supper :(

House Bunny

30th September, Tuesday

I didn't tickets for House Bunny so Sherry was so sweet to invite me, thanks! Mommy drove me all the way to Damansara and went shopping on her own, sorry =/
There was a plan for a gathering at Kopi-oh or someplace but no one was there and I whined for Manhattan's Fish Market.

Eheheh, Manhattan Fish Market it was! I never ate there before, but I love fish since I try not to consume other meat for being a vegetarian wannabe.

Wilson, Sherry, Zoe.

Sherry, Zoeyve and w3tw3twat3r whose name is Kelvin. Was nice meeting you btw :)

The babes.

Chris, Evelyn, Wilson, Sherry, Zoe.

Evie, Superwilson, Sherry...I thought I wasn't included!

Thank you Yee Hou for helping us to take pictures. You weren't feeling well, heh!

Evelyn was such a sweetie to help me edit my template, the one i'm currently using. We(actually she) took 2 days to fix it since it was so shitty and all.

Sherry and I walked around the shoplots and bought a ring together, aww! I'm still looking for a nice mousse/cream eyeliner that's fairly affordable. Elianto was selling to for RM$18, has anyone tried it before? Gimme some feedback please, considering on whether to buy it or not. (MAC's is like RM65 :S)

Robb and Zach was behind the counter for the registry, i'm Shelley!

Chee Siang, Chris, Cathy, Sherry, Evelyn, Zoe, Wilson, Karena, Ren.


Timothy! I just realized my first crush when I was in primary 3 was named Timothy.

Christopher, Simon, Zoe, Sherry.

Karena, Zoe and Ren daddy. *hugs*

=.= and Andrew! Bahaha, your hand must of gotten dirt from the wax on my head.

babykrinaxxx, drewnity, zoeyve.

coolerthings, splashmilk, zoeyve. OMG, I haven't seen you in AGES! Nice T-shirt you got.

I think Sherry posed too but didn't get in, eheheh. EPIC FAIL!

Suling didn't take any pictures with us because she was sick and just came back from Genting. Ahh, sucks! She didn't really get to mingle around also for leaving immediately after the movie. Hope you're better now!

Look at the love birds behind Sherry, me and Chris, rofl.

Abel, Sherry, Zoe, Chris.

We were gonna pose for more pictures till the advertisements started to roll and we stopped ('bout time!). The movie is HILARIOUS, it isn't dumb like 'Don't Mess With The Zohan'. Funny scenarios and awkward moments with stupid line were a perfect match.

5/5! A die-die-must-watch movie.

Another group photo before departing.

I was gonna follow Sherry and Teck Weng back home till I found out Ren was gonna head out for supper with some bloggers. I was like, "Can I follow you? PLEASE! I don't wanna go home :("

woooohooooo, went to Williams to find that it was closed. Ren chatted with Kelvin and we arrived at Ming Tien (Tomorrow), right?!

The six of us, Ren, Joshua, me, Andrew, Christopher and Kelvin were eating/chit-chatting/gaming/gossiping all at the same time. Ren was visiting blogs and I was trying to pass the 8th grade of the game 'Lights Out' in Tock's iPhone.

He said, "If you pass that level I will bow down to you."
I was at it for decades! Determined not to give up with the thought of him bowing before me was so encouraging. Darn, he was right. It is undoable. Now I will call you 'shifu' if you can complete level 8.

Pictures were stolen from Joshua Ong, Wilson, Ren and Simon.


§pinzer said...

like i will ever bow down to you wahahahha! but it was great meeting the lot of you :)

btw.. why do you interchange between Christopher and Tock? lol... calling me Tock will do just fine Zoe ;)

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

We were all just waiting for that moment when Tock was going to bown. But you failed us Zoe! Nvm, try again!

Anyway, it was nice meeting you too Zoe! See you soon! God bless, girl!

Missyve said...

Spinzer- hey! you liarr! Well idk, it's kinda cool don't ya think. Like the Bible has 3 different names for Simon. Simon, Peter or Simon Peter and Cephas. LOL :D

wetwetwater - :( I'm sorryyy...the next time I shall!(Help me look for cheats online). Can't wait for the next gathering (:

Missyve said...
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Tock said...

it's awesome! Ur logic, that is.. 3 names indeed huh *sweats*

Looking forward to it indeed!

Simon Seow said...

Eh, went yum cha didn't ajak me.

Chris Thoo said...

CCCSEZWKR ? swt swt...


oi..u also stole pictures from me!

joshuaongys said...

ehh the candid pic taken before mamma mia screening was VERY NICE OK?? hahahaha and gosh this entry is so long dont la combine 2 movie outings together >< and gahh lets make tock bow down to u nex time!! hahahhahaha