Monday, October 20, 2008

Make-up ain't magic.

Flaws. Everyone have them. It's sometimes physical, mental or technical. I'd like to blog about the reasons why girls or rather women are so vain and how the divine help from make-up changes everything.

These are my facial imperfections; I have eye bags, a pimple scar, undefined eyebrows, and a little bit of an uneven skin tone at my forehead. I'm pretty much satisfied, I have supple, young skin and I rarely get zits (phew!). Praise the Lord!

How do I mask these uglies?! (<--not an actual word.) You can count this as a mini-make-up tutorial if you want, it's only the basics and probably only noobs newbies don't know these yet.

If you've just started using make-up like a week ago, I wouldn't recommend going all heavy and thick unless you have bad skin. Then you might as well NOT use make-up and focus on skincare products like masks, toners, moisturizers, etc. People with normal/good skin just need minimal coverage. A little bit of concealer and compact powder will do.

Lazy? Buy those two-way cake foundation and you're all ready. Two-way cakes are compact powder that can act as a liquid foundation when you use a wet sponge and then a finishing powder with a dry one, cool huh?! The technique of putting liquid foundation of your face should be like this:

(The yellow one is for concealer.)
Don't rub it in your face, just gently apply it and spread it evenly to the hairline. Don't forget your jaws, it's a common mistake for people to not brush it out all the way. The must- haves for experienced users/addicts are make-up base (optional),concealer, liquid foundation, loose foundation/finishing powder, compact powder(for touch-ups/easy usage), blusher, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss&lipstick, eyebrow pencil and tweezers.

Anything else not mentioned previously are for the more older/pro people, *i.e: lip liners, eyeshadow, Usually only professionals would have shading/highlighting powders, it changes the appearance of your face contours.

BRUSHES ARE LIKE, TOTALLY LIKE, LIKE... important dude. ._. That wasn't classy AT ALL. Limme rephrase.
Brushes are the quintessentials for a beautiful you. (Sounds like an advertisement now.)

They range from the huge fan/loose powder brush to the tiniest eyeshadow applicator. I would of bought the whole set if only I could of afford it. They were selling it at my beauty academy for $RM288? Pretty worth it if you calculate the number of brushes and the quality.

Make-up brushes helps you to apply it more evenly and it's less hassling than to dirty your fingers. It's always good to invest in quality, durable brushes. They can last for decades! Otherwise, the least you must have is a facial sponge. Brushes are quite troublesome to maintain if you wish to keep for long.

Two nights ago, I awoke at 11PM, I had a 4-hour nap. My biorhythm is pretty screwed UP, i must admit. I realized it's been months since I washed my brushes. Remember, everything harbors bacteria. I got up, took 2/3s of my brushes and 2 sponges and washed them all with shampoo, then Dettol and thoroughly applied my hair conditioner on them.

Dettol sure has a strong smell. I was kinda rough with the brushes, I was more concerned about saving water than sanitizing my devices. Oh well. I was shocked at the amount of powder the brushes retained. I mean, I know it'll keep some, but after washing it for 2 times in a bowl of water (after I shampooed it), rifts of colors still polluted it.

The next morning, I rinsed it one last time and submerged it into a bowl of clean water. I let the conditioner stay overnight 'cus I slept after that. I went to school, blablabla, when I came back...tu mai horrer!

Wtf are those?! Germs and bacteria still exist AFTER an antiseptic bath?! See how it all like, MANIFESTED after 6 hours.

Looks disgusting doesn't it. Fine, there are disadvantages when you buy make-up brushes. If the pros outnumbers the cons, just do it! Imagine, if you didn't clean it. It's like applying shit-tinted lotion. Now you don't want that, do you? Of course you do! :D

Ahem, anyways... hope this helped you in any way. I'll probably give more make-up tips next time, I don't blog much about make-up 'cus you can find them ALL over the internet. I'll express my views about the cons of cosmetics next time. It's late, 3AM now, CIAOSZX.

*Older as in above 18, I'm not saying that amatuers can't use lip liners/eyeshadow but they tend to avoid it because it isn't essential. Unless they have a deformed mouth and fugly eyes.


Anonymous said...

When u dry ur brushes, don't leave it drying upside down k? Cos the water will seep into the ferule(the metal part) and make the bristles fall out a whole lot easier ruining ur brush. Instead, dry it lying flat horizontally.

and if u can be bothered, try and wash ur brushes once a week, if u use them everyday, or like once every 5times. Cos dirty brushes can cause pimples. *eek*

Missyve said...

omg, THANK YOU! I only apply make-up twice a week? It's very tedious to take care of them T.T

So i just wash them every 2 mths or so. :)