Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am confused. Is it my I.P address problem? Or did someone other than the administrator really do this? Hmm.

I had the same problem last time. It was due to the overwhelming number of spammers that was banned for "forever", weeks and sometimes even months. Since our I.P addresses circulates, I get the banned ones a lot. Till I cleared my cache, cookies, etc.

Now, it has happened again. How annoying.
What the hell am I supposed to do? The cache thing no longer works for me, so... guess I'll take a short leave. :D

Anyways, my friend was using the laptop in school today and I requested if I could use it for a moment. He was kind enough to let, so I went to KSCB. The "prefect", more known as a student counselor passed by and read Kenny Sia as 'Kanee-zjeh'.


Jonathan and I went, "WTF?!"
"It's Kenny Sia laaa -.-" I corrected.
"How did I know, it could of been some country." the counselor replied.

Wow, a person became a country! *celebrates* Wouldn't it be cool if every country had a national chatterbox. It would definitely lag like HELL. I don't get your logic but still...
I'd rather you read it as 'kanisia' than 'ke-nee-jzeh/'jzuh'! Rofl.

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Simon Seow said...

actually jzeh is not wrong because Kenny's surname when read in Cantonese is jzeh. You can try to disconnect from Streamyx or whatever broadband you're using and get a diff ip. Clearing cache is not use bcoz, you're still having the same ip.