Sunday, October 05, 2008

It's Complicated

I'm gonna finally explain the system of my education once and for all. Those who ask me in the future will be given this blogpost as the explanation. So tired of telling it OVER and OVER again to dozens of awesome, new people I meet. =)

*Clears throat*
You see, I'm in a homeschooling program that enables us to study independently and flexibly for our own comfort/circumstances. Some people are slow and can't cope up with the standards of a public/government school. Others are either dropouts, misfits, geniuses or simply normal.

The system goes by grades just like in western countries. Grade 1, 2, 3, get it. Primary/Standard 1 = 1st Grade, Secondary/Form 1 = Grade 7. Get it? Good.

Now, to enter into this program we must take a diagnostic test to examine our level of understanding. We have 5 subjects: Language Arts (English), Mathematics, Science, History and Geography, lastly, Bible. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that this is a Christian education so Bible study/devotion is necessary.

Non-believers/Christians are allowed, Muslims are excepted from taking Bible but will have to replace it with extra electives.

What are electives? A couple of subjects are Computer Literacy, Home Economics, Health Quest, Consumer Math and much more. They are to give us the credits we need to graduate. Each subject gives a credit (that's what my schoolmate said), completion of grades will only give us 15 credits (9-11).

In each (higher) grade for each subject has one credit. E.G: Grade 9 Science = 1 credit. Since we have 5 subjects, we get 5 credits altogether.

How do we study?
I'm exaggerating. If we are attending a centre that acts like a school, we are required to set goals. The minimal amount of pages to do is 25 (I usually get away with 5). If we study at home (hence, the word 'homeschool'), our parents should supervise us.

The good/bad thing about homeschooling is the stress-free environment. We don't have exams, no pop quiz or PMR/STM/EOY exams. All we gotta do is take self-tests within the book and a LIFEPAC test when we complete it. Each grade has 10 books.


It's the same for every grade like 1001-1010, 1101-1110, 1201-1210.

I think you get it by now. I'm putting a lot of effort explaining because I don't wanna repeat or elaborate on anything again.

This whole system and books we use are from America, it's an American system. Thus, we take the SAT upon completion. Beng asked me what SAT meant, how the hell was I suppose to know right?! LOL

So I said, "Something American Test. I think."
Till I googled it and found out it was an abbreviation for Scholastic Aptitude Test. I started laughing my ass off when I found out, such a HUGE difference. I sounded like an idiot.

You shouldn't ask me to explain something. Just like the word 'halal', I have no idea what it means and if you asked me to explain. I'd jus say, "It means edible." I've heard so many people question, "Eh, this halal anot?" Hell yeah it's edible.

Back on track, some of us may be higher than par or lower. Not all of our subjects are on the same grade either. We study on our own pace and discipline is crucial to move on. There are flaws in this system too, cheating is SO easy. Integrity is something gained when we reject doing so, to actually learn on our own.

A lot of people are unaware of any other alternative education to government schools beside private ones. "Oh, I didn't know they had that in Malaysia."

Well, now you do.

This whole homeschooling shit is too complicated for me sometimes. I called up the 'Principal's'(more known as pastor) daughter to get some of the facts right. If there's any error in what I wrote, don't hesitate to correct me. =)


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I do the same stuffs too!
But mine is in a homeschool centre. Awesome pawsome.