Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic


IT'S TIME FOR HALLOWEEEEEN! OMG, I love Halloween. I haven't celebrated it for 7 years! Except for my epic fail party last year which didn't go very well. Last time in Canada, I would go around to different streets with my friends knocking on doors for candies. Usually we'd all say, "Trick or treat!" When we are more enthusiastic, some of us would sing:

"Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Gimme something good to eat
Not too big
Not too small
Just the size of Montreal"

I was a princess, then batman then a green ninja for two years. I think I started when I was 5. My neighbor- Jane- her birthday was on the same day, wooosh. It sure was awesome, chilly nights with kids in costume running everywhere. Now that I'm reminiscing, I remember the pumpkin-cutting and costume-making days, my family, friends and I would go to a pumpkin farm and pick a few pumpkins. Draw a face on it and use a knife to carefully carve it.

It isn't easy picking out a cool, scary costume. You definitely wouldn't wanna look like an idiot. Something modern and new...say, a cellphone?

You can't just be ANY cellphone, you'll still get dissed at for being so 'old fashion'. Gotta have 3G, Bluetooth, MP3, GPRS, EDGE, polyphonic, and radio now. Can not 'geh gao'.

Which phone has that?

This phone is totally teensmart, everyone (especially teenagers) LOVE music, love jamming and grooving to it. The keypad was designed for N-Gage gaming. The back camera is 2 MP with flash and a secondary camera for videocalls. Wicked huh :D

It comes in blue too! A cool color indeed, with side keys to make it easier to switch songs. To scare the hell out of people, we need a good speakers to carry out those spooky noises. How are we gonna freak people with cacat speakers?! With the Nokia's XpressMusic series, our Halloween party is gonna be rocking the roof!

Then again, it won't. 'Cus this year's Halloween party is gonna be a silent one. We're gonna download some songs into our phone and blast it into our ears with individual headphones. Let's dance away silently with our Halloween celebrity costumes.

Now every phone wants to be part of Nokia's Xpress Music series!


Anonymous said...

Every time you write about me I LOVE IT. Don't you realize that? Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

By the way: - Don't take "everything" that people say to heart, as you grow up, you'll learn. Maybe I haven't been such a good role-model on that one ha ha, but like the whole Bonia incident etc etc etc. Was it, really, that necessary to blow it up into some great big huge drama series? And you aren't after-all a whore. You just have a few things to learn. A metal tongue, of all, can be the best for all of us, even if it's sharp and unmerciful. Sincerely, I say that. Disregarding all of the things I have previously mentioned or said. Thanks,.