Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hotel 626

I've got a game recommendation! Introduced to me by my brother - Tze. It's an online game whereby you're staying in a hotel infested with zombies and must work your way to live.
It's Hotel 626.

Since I have a sucky connection, it takes minutes to load. But for you guys, I'm pretty sure seconds or less (damn you).

You NEED a webcam and a microphone to play, or else you'll die later in the game. Registering is easy, just fill in some details, nothing too troublesome. My brother did ask me to put an older year, it might be M18, so I typed in '1990'.

Once it's all done, you're ready to go.

A few words that scratch the surface of the story of the game.

You wake in shock, breathing heavily...wear some clothes and exit your room.
This is where the game begins.

You must enter one of the rooms, or else they'll kill you if you remain along the corridors. If I'm not wrong, depending on which room you pick, you must do a task to survive.

Mine was holding a videocam, taking pictures of the undead. IT IS FREAKY, I'm warning you. The sound effects and graphic is superb. I wouldn't have known what to do without Tze.

After that, I entered the staircase and climbed down with haste, you gotta click on the door to open. It's somewhat like CS, you move your mouse to manoeuvre. (They do the walking for you.)


Yep, you gotta use your microphone now.

You now have to sing any sort of sweet, soft song with a heck of a voice. Tze said his friend sang a Christian worship song and it worked! The baby/todler/killerbitch will start fidgeting when it doesn't like your singing.

"Hallelu...jah, hallelu...jah, hallelu...jah, my beloved King, to You I sing..."



*sighs* I thought it was a nice worship song! Oh well, you can always replay the levels you failed or skip it after you die. I didn't continue, had to go out. I will complete it (someday). An awesome game, I gotta say. I don't just play ANY games!

I only like O2Jam, DoTa (even though I suck at it), Puzzle Bobble, and now Hotel 626!

Go try it...at night.


Alex said...

A girl that plays o2jam and dota. Now that`s quite rare.

Just randomly dropping by :) I think I saw you at nuffnang`s party.

Missyve said...

Oh, well i suck DoTa. aha. Hmm, the halloween one? :D