Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hennessy Artistry at Orange

September 27th, last Saturday was a dream come TRUE! I've been to MOS and Hennessy Artistry in a year and before I reach 16 :D
Ren fetched Suling and I, THANK YOU P.D! *hugs*

He was also the one who invited me, *DOUBLEhugs*
Shayne Ward was the main attraction and Suling was absolutely CRAZY over him, "He's my boyfriend!"

I wanted to go to see how it's like, so many Hennessy events have passed and I was curious what everyone was talking about!

We arrived at 7P.M to celebrate Stephanie's birthday, we went to Sakae Sushi to have dinner. Suling dear and I shared. BOY WAS IT FILLING! Worth it too!
I wanted to ask people to eat some of our food but I was rather quiet about it. :P Just pretending not to know when they tried our orders so they wouldn't be shy to eat some again.

The cake came out, Ren was gonna uncover it, I whined, "I wanna open ittttt!" It's an honor...or is it?

Beautiful, yummy ice-cream cake.

Stephanie darling and I.

HAPPY (advanced) BIRTHDAY, now make a wish woman!

Steph looked so angelic when praying/wishing.

Simon dropped by too!

Rofl Justin.

We finished the cake at 9.20PM and hurried on to the Orange Club (or something).

Long queues, dude.

As I stood beside Ren, I saw Nicholas and I was like, "Shiat, must hide my face." I looked back and Simon took a picture. Gee, caught red-handed (with that sneaky face of mine).

From behind he whispered in my left ear, "You are seriously underage." LOLWTF, freaked me out. My eyes were popping when he said that. Thanks Nicholas! :D

Free flow of drinks. I wasted like two cups, barely sipped and left it on the table. Bitter >.<

I thought only Shayne was performing 'cus everyone only crazed about him. Until June was first, then The D.E.Y, finally Shayne Ward.

The lights were awesome and bothersome at the same time.

Simon, Steph, Ren, Zoe, Suling.

Ren, Zoe, Shaun, Suling, KY and Joshua.

We went out awhile later for Stephanie to get her camera from Ren's car. Ren ENTRUSTED me with his CAR keys! LOL

Joshie Joshie :D

I think the earlier performances were much better than Shayne Ward's, the girls just love him but his act on stage wasn't better than the others. The female singer in The D.E.Y has such a strong, sharp, high-tone voice that was definitely better than the rest.

SO HARD TO GET THIS PICTURE TAKEN! Everyone was walking to and fro, argh.

HAHAHA, the hell that I knew I'd be included! *haunts*

We went out for some fresh air and polaroid pictures which reminds me I should scan them now. Well, I guess I'll just do a second post. We went back in to chill and I could now smell the alcohol, vomit and smoke in the place. How unpleasant!


I actually thought Shaun was making fun of me by sticking fingers out of my head, to realize it was actually Jane supporting herself. LOL.

Zoe, Jane, Stephanie, Suling, Ren, Joshua, and Nicholas. Love them all!~

It ended kinda late, around 1-2AM? We headed off to... I forgot. I'll continue this in my next post. :D Thank you Ren and all the other sisters (or rather just Suling) for taking care of me. Nothing bad happen, thank God. Nobody barfed on me, hallelujah.

I did sit on a wet sofa...dammit. The only irritating thing was smoke getting into my eyes. Suling had difficulty breathing, hope you were fine! :S Sorry I didn't do anything to help but give tissues. =l


Ren said...

tsk tsk tsk :P

Copykate said...

seems fun! *envious*

too bad i had to attend another party :(((

joshuaongys said...

gahhhh that uh is KY hehehehehhe and joshie joshie... o.O haha tai kah jie...

§pinzer said...

yea lol that "uh" happens to be the famous KY, god of "makan" lol... i was barfing when I came upon that haha

yeah and we all love joshie joshie :D

vincent2903 said...

lol i also wan to go to tis kind of event lol...

Missyve said...

ren - LOL, tsk me for?!

kate- i was looking out for you, but you din come :(

joshua - I've heard of him! Just din really see him before so i din know...=/ thanks. Nonono, you're taikor now.

Spinzer - yes, I :heart: Joshua! so sorry, will edit the post. :D I should visit more blogs. =/

vincent - i wish i can go everytime :l You can! You're of legal age.

Sue Me said...

Thanks Zoe for the tissues. Wasnt really err..pleasant when I was choking on smoke. HAHAHAHA.. I gotta admit. Shayne's performance wasnt that great. I prefer The DEY but I couldnt resist drooling at the HOT SHAYNE WARD!!

vincent2903 said...

missyve, i even have the licence to kill... kill babes with my electrifying seducing eyes... ngek ngek.. juz kidding Hahaha!!!