Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hennessy Artistry at Orange Club Pt.2

A slight "update" or detailed continuation from my previous Hennessy's post. There were a couple of pictures I didn't post because I didn't have them at that time.

I came under the invite of Ren *hugs*

Risky mission! I could of been caught and I was...ALMOST!

The media people, bloggers etc. were on the 2nd floor. While the VIPs were located at the ground floor. Whatever! I'm important to God :(

Oh, the story about how I was almost caught. We went back out to get some fresh air and pass the car keys to Ren. While walking back to the entrance, a bouncer/security guard stopped us.

"May I see your IC?" This bulky, fat guy in an expensive suit asked.
I was freaked out! "Uh...I sorta like, left it...there. *points to nowhere*"
Ren was quick, "She handed it to her friend who is inside..."
CB you, I'm already registered, don't question me, security PERSON!

We made it in! Hallelujah... Do I not look 18 to you?! Idiot.

Zoe, Suling, Ren, Shaun (who did the bunny ears on Ren).

Dear Stephanie, Ren, Suling and I. All from the KSCB ;) *sobs*

The awesome people you can find online these days...

Came out at 1AM? I LOVE group photos.

We took quite a lot of polaroid ones too.
Shaun, Suling, and I. (Don't blame me for a sucky scanner!)

Forever friends...:D


Sue Me said...

I heart Polaroids!! and I love Zoe!! *Hugs*

Who gave a shit about the bouncer? You managed to get in and party all night. Woohoo!!

Missyve said...

I heart Suling! *hugs back*

YEAH! It was wicked :) muacks*

Spectre said...

OMG! u managed to enter in COOL ! zoe Not sure to cong.s u or scold u like an responsible adult but then i an demon lord XD

Simon Seow said...

You look 21! :p