Sunday, October 19, 2008

A different love.

Sundays, ah, the Sabbath! I love and a hate Sundays. They're sorta relaxing and then you get uptight knowing tomorrow is a schoolday (or workday for you guys).

I went to visit my aunty who lives in PJ, she's an awesome cook. Haha, when I was 6 or 7 I used to say 'cooker'!
Everything she cooks is perfect and traditional. She's still old-fashioned, asking me to become a lawyer or a doctor in the future. That I must know how to clean, cook and worship ancestors. =.=

That's her yummy glutunous rice. Hmm *gawks*
It looks like a mixture of liquified shit and droppings but it's m'm m'm good!

Hello, Tan Kai Sheng. I see you're missing something; nevertheless, you have a lovely smile. :)

I hope I have the privilege of watching my cousins grow up. I have dozens of cousins, but only one telling me, "Zoe, I've seen you since you were just months old and watched you grow up..." He treats me differently from the other cousins. Encourages me a lot, thanks Terry.

Adorable Zu Xin getting her nails clipped. She does the cutest sound when it hurts, "Ow!" In a high-tone baby voice. Couldn't help but giggle.

"Her nails are already so short! Why are you cutting them for?!" Is it just me or do Taoist really keep short nails?!

When I was 4-7, my gugu (Dad's sister) would cut me brother's and my nails. EVERY BLOODY WEEK, she'd check it. Cut it to the core, even though it only grew by 1-2mm. Gawd, my nails were F-UGLY then. Hallelujah she didn't damage it permanantly.

Zu Xin's baby brother, Jia Zheng! Who just learned how to walked and stand properly.

Doesn't it just make you wanna cry?! The father, my uncle, being so caring and loving...fulfilling the duties of a dad. Hah, wait till they become teenagers! I'll tell you guys how loving he is then :P

I don't have photoshop and I'm only gonna bother 'watermarking' random/nicer/I-don't-know-why pictures. Think I'll only start watermarking every photograph when I get MY OWN DIGITAL CAMERA *prays angelically*. My 16th birthday, anyone? T.T

Thank you Tzy Wen for your Photoshop watermarking post. Helped me a lot, I will refer to it when I get Photoshop CS3.

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