Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dance, me love.

A rarely attend my own church nowadays. I wanna visit all different kinds of churches before settling down and ministering in my own. Another reason is guilt. I've been going out a lot, overspending, and I haven't given my tithes for TWO MONTHS. OMGAH! Shh*

I went to service to support their stageplay drama - 'Dance, my love.' My brother was like, "It's really good!!!" Ahh, I disagree. It was alright...a rather Step Up 2 inspired film. That's all I'm saying.

The actors of the play.

My pictures will continue to be crappy coming from the source of my cellphone's 2 megapixels camera. Haih, epic fail blogger.

HUI WEARN! She was one of the clubbers in the act.

Isn't she hawt? Smokey eyes and poofy hair...hmm, fabulous! *kisses thumb and index finger*

We went for fellowship, I forgot the place. Ah Keong Restaurant I think. Uh, had an awesome lunch, yumyum. kthxbye.

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