Monday, October 20, 2008

Corpse Bride

I am REALLY excited for Halloween. How could I not? 7 winterless Christmas, I mean, 7 Halloween-less years. I am extremely deprived of candies.

This is my "costume".

The straps are from my bra, not the dress and I was wondering whether I should remove it(the straps) or not? Tell me your suggestions, please.

I didn't do the full make-up I planned. On the day, I'll add some tear drops and perfect my make-up. This is just a rough look I'd like.

My eyes, MY EYES! That consumed the most time, ah... horrible. 45 minutes altogether?

I am Zoe during the day but Corpse Bride at night :O

I didn't put mascara or fake eyelashes. Don't wanna put myself through too much trouble now. I concealed my lips, THAT ALONE TOOK 20 MINUTES, with green concealer (which counters red), liquid foundation and then loose powder. It's still obvious :( I shall not modify my lips.

Blood drips, I used my body paint. Fake blood is cheaper than my body paint though. Oh well, it will do.

I found out a new effect! Smearing lipstick on your skin will make it look bruised. Washing away the red body paint will also do the same. So I'm gonna have a lot of red marks on my arms. As you know how I died...

I went to Youtube and typed, "The Corpse Bride look" and this came out. I copied the lips and cheeks from that.

All I need now is evil a veil and hand gloves. =D

"I'll have Halloween on Christmas..."


Stan said...

Wicked baby!!

That's kinda hot..nice work Zoe girl. Can't wait to see how the party turns out.. :)

Missyve said...

thanks Stan! im pretty anxious abt it. Hope it all turns out well.

vincent2903 said...

u r too cute to be corpse bride... haha especially ur big eyes...

maybe u can act a bit fierce... hahaha... ^^

Missyve said...

Vincent - aww, no way! I have a Cinderella dress but it's 7 yrs old and I doubt i can be that cute. hahaa. :)

Spectre said...

The bolehland version of corpse bride cool but make sure u don't go any mamak stall afterward U may freak out the ppl there :RFOL! XD

Simon Seow said...

That's so cool.

Missyve said...

spectre- that's the fun part! And the reason for Halloween, ahaha. thanks!

simon seow - hee. terimah kasih.