Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What time is it?

I totally forgot to put my name on my pictures! Gawd, is it tiring. How do you guys do it? Don't you forget at times or it's because you photoshop your all pictures? And why do you put your blog URL on it?

Stupid questions. Nevermind that, last Saturday I went to The Sunway Pyramid to hang out with Eddy, who just came out of NS and his room-mate and his boo. They are sooo loving, they were in a couple shop where they sell couple tees, keychains, teddies, photoframes, etc. for HALF AN HOUR.

The hell, Eddy and I went to the arcade and came back, they were still there. Being bored, I took a picture. Hee :P

We had Carls Jr., I had salad and gave the chicken to my friend. Walked around mostly, ate J.Co in the end. We took a taxi and they drop me off church then headed off for Klang. Thanks!

Service was amazing, touching, memorable. It was an awesome sermon. I was dumb-founded even when I was slightly irritated by his accent. He kept mispronouncing a couple of words weirdly. Still! It touched me right to the heart and convinced me to be a new person.

Having not been in my own church for approximately two months, I wanted to hug a few people. The girls were all fine, but the guys were like 'whoa'?
Oh, I forgot... I'M IN MALAYSIA and the whole world is round. How could I have forgotten. Ish, whatever. There's a difference between being decent and conservative (:

Daniel,Zoe and Eldy! Don't we all look like kids.

Here's a cooler photograph of us. *I'm so cool*

Went for fellowship, I don't like fellowships 'cus of several reasons:
1)Pointless conversation.

NOT THAT I have anything against the people. LoL. I had to go anyway, not like I have my own transport home =/


Monday started off as a GR-R-REAT day! I came half an hour late for school because it was assembly time and God knows who's preaching. It was HIM. Hallelujah was I right, so when I reached it just ended.

Some wicked teacher told on me and I had to do "community work". Which was sweeping/mopping/lining the staircase for shoe arrangement. A school-mate of mine also came late.

YAY! I have a community buddy to do the job with. We supposed to tape 1/3 of the stairs on both sides.

For bloody obvious reasons I don't have to explain.

The TAPE ran out and we wasted 15 minutes seraching for another one. I was like 'bloody hell, that woman isn't gonna be grinning while she's wasting my time. I don't care what tape I find but I just wanna get the damn job done."

Genius me.

Just took some office supplies without permission, who cares about permission when we're being delayed for not getting enough duct tape!

Taped, tape, tapping. Done. All we gotta now is make it noticeable.

My friend is a loyal fan of Jesse McCartney, I'm telling ya...he's a gay icon! I read it somewhere.

I was being a narcicist, I'm awesome. ah-ha-haa..ha. =/

I didn't forget my homies too! LOL, I even dreamt abt KSCB before. Freaky!

Today when I arrived at school, I was furious to see those STUDENTS were blind.

Maybe it's also 'cus of the lack of space. What a stupid idea, it's not like some yellow line at the MRT station which prevents you from getting hurt. It's tape with crappy calligraphy on it which is supposedly to inform you where to place your shoes. BUT THEY DON'T LISTEN, THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN.

My friend's effort and mine were wasted.

The End.


Simon Seow said...

Zoe, you're a vegetarian?

Mc_Bone said...

"Don't you forget at times or it's because you photoshop your all pictures? And why do you put your blog URL on it?"

most photobloggers will edit their photos in PS for perfection (at least crop out useless part)
and they usually will do it all at 1-go

softwares like FastStone Photo Resizer able to watermark/put text and resize alot picture by just 1 click

of y they wanna do it?
- 1 is to decorate ur pic so that it wont look so plain
- 2 is 2 watermark ur photo so that we oth blogger stole/use it in
in their blog,u will get indirect publicity
- u know at times u took some unique and funny shots, some fucktards will just grab it and submit for the Star thumbnail and make it as if it is theirs

however, me is same like u,
lazy 2 put it

p/s : sry for the long nagging comment... lol

Tzy Wen said...

i would say i photoshop all of my photos. i have a special template that i just apply to my photos to put my blog url there. the url is there to make sure people know where to find you ;)

and i use the batch function in photoshop so it's not such a big chore

Missyve said...

Simon - YES! :D

mc_bone - wow, thanks..was really helpful. but I really do find it unfair when ppl jus steal ur photos. We mustn't be lazy! :)

tzy wen - teach me please! I can't take it anymore, typing my name on all my photos. =l

Tzy Wen said...

u've just given me a good topic to blog on haha now you owe me ;)