Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Swensens and Sakae Sushi

Sometime ago, I had an ice-cream date with Suling, Sherry, Abel and Fengy! We were supposed to go there MONTHS ago, but hadn't had the time to.

So the story was like I was really excited in school. All I thought about was the ice-cream fondue I thought we would order and didn't do any work at all. When I reached home, I TOTALLY forgot about the meeting and Sherry called me to ask where I was.


Quickly showered and everything. Just when I was about to leave, Suling called me.
I was SO scared she was with Sherry and would scream if I told her I was still at home at 5 P.M(which was the meeting time).

Su:Hello? Zoe ah?
Me:HEYYY! Yeah... *nervous*
Su: Where are you?
Me: *lies* I'm already reaching! You?
Su: Oh... okay. we're on the way. We thought you might need transport.
Me: *sighs of relief* OH THANK GOD, i thought you were spying for sherry. I'm still at home! Are you sure you can pick me up?!

LOL. Yeah. We arrived slightly late but Sherry was enjoying herself in Sakae...I don't feel so bad :P

Since it was a Tuesday, we ordered an Earthquake for 50% off.

yummy yummy! There was rum in the raisin flavor though. Bitter :[

Fengy, Abel, Zoe, Sherry.

Where's dear Suling?!

There she ish! :D

Fengyblogstoo, but fengyisnottallerthanzoe.

Sadly, he had to go home for dinner. While he drove out of the parking lot. Suling and I walked back to Subang Parade. I deliberately blocked his way, smiling when I turned back.
*evil face*
I moved to the side later, wouldn't be nice to keep him up for that long.

I didn't wanna go home that early, so we all ate dinner together. Suling was so angelic to have shared her Pocky with me. They were gifts from Joshua actually, LOL.

Sharing is caring, caring is loving. Hence, Suling loves me!

First thing I said was, "IT'S THE REAL ONE!" That's because I've been eating the fake one all my life ever since I came to Malaysia. 'Rocky' lor, rock your head la.

Loves Suling for giving me Pocky!* Not just 'cus of that, she's the sweetest girl ever if you're not the one causing her bitchy mood. ._.

One thing was, I refused to share it with Sherry. So I kept it a secret!
Heheheh... I'm very greedy. YOU GOTTA UNDERSTAND MAN, I haven't eaten POCKY (the REAL one) for years! Sherry gets all her chocolate and DONUTS and candies and mints every time. Blah :P

The moment finally came when Sherry went for a toilet break.
"Quickly, quickly! Snap a photo while she's gone. *looks behind to double check she isn't coming back*"

To make me seem like a better friend, I shared the banana flavor in the car OKAY. Mommy and I were munching on the milky one the day after. Heh!
I love you guys, glad we do this every month. (:

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