Sunday, September 07, 2008

A school and a friend

Not much of a entry, just something random for today.

Recently, people have been stealing our apartment's elevator stainless steel button plate thingy. Hell, I don't know what they're called. A puny, flat, metallic faucet is the best I can come up with.

After going to my ex-schoolmate's place (opposite my block), she told me I had to climb down the stairs. I was like, "Orh. Okay!"
She lived on the 11th floor.

Just as I was walking to the staircase, she was like, "Siao ah! There's a button there you can press la. Shen jin bing.(Crazy in Mandarin)"

Cheh, I didn't see it (first picture).
I questioned whether it still worked. (2nd picture).
And it did!(You know which picture).

Darn, it prevented me from killing some calories. Oh well. Mommy was then warning me about getting raped and robbed and blablabla. Yes Mother, you have been telling me since I was 9 years old. I know.
(2nd September)

At school last Friday, someone special came to visit. Adam Khoo! He was here to celebrate a teacher's birthday and give me me chocolates given by dear Andrea!
Anywho, I shall talk about that later. I ate lunch today and me friends and I were chatting on our tables/cubicle.

You probably are curious about me homeschooling center and how the system is. As you can see, our tables have two dividers to prevent us from talking/gesturing/disturbing our neighbors. But we still have our ways.

If you would notice on the right leg of me chair, there's a vegetable. Now, me classmate was dropping food all over the place, so I went up to her and said in a loud tone, "SHERLYN. YOUR VEGGIE IS AT MY PLACE!"
She was dumbfounded and replied, "WHAT?! *looks at me place* I DIDN'T DO THAT. IT'S SO OBVIOUSLY YOURS."
Hannah, "Yeah, go clean it up."
:O *shocked from Hannah's support* "NO, SEE? THAT'S YOUR FISH ON THE FLOOR. YOU clean it up!"
Hannah reminded, "Go clean up yours."
"It's not mine, IT DOESN'T HAVE MY NAME ON IT, DOES IT?" (I know, a stupid excuse only kids use.)

*Used wet tissue wipes, picked it up and wiped the surrounding area*
:( Failed.

Back to the Khoo's. Like I was saying, Adam gave me chocolates.

A for Andrea, A for Australia, and A for Awesome!

You should get it by now that my friend Andrea who is now studying in Australia is awesome! So sweet, she did as she promised. Give me chocolates way over there. Her mom opened a shop, selling all kinds of food(I think).
I finished the whole bag in that day. I gave 3 to me mommy.

I love and miss and think of you, Andrea! I really really wished you were here. Things changed a LOT since you left. A dozen people gone, weird new arrivals, class arrangement, clique changes, etc.

I'm thinking about what to get you now. I'll hand it to Adam who'll give it to your dad, 'cus he's going back there next month right? Hope you'll like it!

Muah!* Come back soon.

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