Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PWTC Beauty Expedition

Today was a-ma-zing. Unexpected too, you see, this girl- Hedy, asked me to be her model for her exam to complete her Professional Makeup course. I, on the other hand, had to walk the stage. It was supposed to be a rehearsal but turns out, the show would be todayyy~

I skipped school for this (with the approval of my mom of course), and woke up at the bloody hour of 7.30. The location was at the Putera World Trade Center.

I came EARLY! Like reached at 9. Awesome. Weird part, we were not checked for the exhibition card. Double COOL!

We called the others, they haven't reached. Annoyed, you made us go there early so YOU can come in LATE?! Hedy was like, "Oh, I wanted to teach you the catwalk, blablablabla~"
This is the stage, or so-called 'runway'.

After 3 rounds of rehearsing the catwalk, we were off to work. Now, I have loads to complain about but to save some time. I shall skip it.

Changed into the dress, Hedy was wasting time while I continuously told her what to do. I wasn't bossing around, I lightly hinted to just get on with the show and stop looking around at others for confirmation on what to do, dammit. Thank God for Michelle who said, "You quickly change her, you take a long time to makeup."

HELL YEAH SHE DOES. 5 hours for the previous beauty expo.

The other models getting prepared.

I look like an IDIOT*French tone*. She sprayed hairspray on me dozens of times to get my hair stuck like this. Not mentioning, killing several of my baby hairs and combing out the other ones.

The original look was supposed to be orchids (I haven't posted the pictures because my friend hasn't given it to me), Michelle just HAD TO criticize saying it would look messy on stage and asked her to do what they drew out.

Hedy wiped it away and had to do the damn foundation and concealer all over again, ugh. Rather than following the rules, Hedy - the genius, did something else. Her own art. Pretty nice I say.

Michelle got upset because she never listened to people(agreed), and always did what she liked. Well whatever, just do it quickly right?
That bloody forsaken liquid eyeliner she used on me BURNS! Like it was made of purely acids. I was screaming on the inside but looked calm on the out.

I was sure my skin would swell after, shockingly, it didn't. Hallelujah.
Annoying thing was, the eyeliner kept coming out. She had to keep reapplying that shitty thing on me eyes. *BURNSZX*

Makeup was finished in 3 hours. I didn't expect her to bejewel me. Using eye glue to stick on my face.

Fake eyelashes too. I never wear fake lashies, too troublesome. I shall try them some day. It looks lovely, doesn't it? (I mean the lashes)

You've not seen the extreme. This is Lash Ultimatum.

My eyes were extremely agitated. That thing kept poking me eyes, powder from her "professional" skills entered my eyes, glue from the eyelashes seeped into my eyes.

Look at me! I have whiteheads all over my cheeks.

It isn't over yet. A grueling 4 hour passed when she started to pin the wig to my head.

This was the only thing I wore that she didn't handmade.

The model behind me.

Everyone was pretty much done when it was 3.30PM.

The model beside me.

This is the Special Effect 3D course they are demonstrating. SO COOL! I wish i could dress up like this for a Halloween party.

Her lashes are much more extravagant than mine.

Voi la, this is moi, Mademoiselle Yve. Heehee.

Makeup artist and model.

She totally highlighted my whole face. Practically sprinkled a whole lot of sparkling dust on me. Nice, nevertheless.

I absolutely love it. People were taking shots of me, and a few asked me to pose with them. AWW! Totally awesome.

She's bringing sexy back! YEAH~

Without those flowers hanging around her neck, she would be half-naked. Feisty.

This is Alynn, that cute girl from the previous post!

It felt like we were celebrities. Everyone taking pictures of us, at us, with us. It was all so glamorous! We went backstage, preparing ourselves for the catwalk. I on the other hand, was thinking of poses to do. We had 5 stops for 8 counts.

5 poses, 1 minute. Sounds easy but it isn't when it's your first time? First round was a walk with your makeup artist, next - ALONE. The final round was all the models walking out together.

Pity, I have no photos with me on the runway. I also forgot to take the photographer's contact. Now there's no way of getting them photos at all! *sighs* My mom, being the IT idiot that she is. Didn't know how to operate N73's camera. JUST GREAT!

Congratulations to all you who graduated, remember girls, "Makeup is magic!" :D

After the show, photo-taking time!

Hedy and Zoe.

Nert, Hedy, Zoe.

This was my first pose for my solo catwalk. Tell me it's not stupid. =l

Orchid, Artist, Clown face man Boyfriend.

I ish emo, I cut. NAH, her brilliant plastic stems on my tube cut me when I lifted my hand to fix my hair. It turned purple afterwards. KNNCBB

Geisha and Orchid! Themes of our costume.

Hedy, Zoe, Michelle.

Alynn and I again. Cutie!

Some lousy girl with poor photography skills took this. Aside that, her name is Mandy or Andy.


I forgot that flower's name. Who cares, flower!

A bunch of photographers and people were taking group shots at us too.

Goody guy and gorgeous girl. :X

Remember that child milk powder advertisement?

Father: *points to orchid* Flower...flower.
Son: *looks blur*
Father: Flower... *desperate for the son to learn*

It was really a small thing, not like THE Fashion Week or anything. :[ SOMEDAY!

Hiak hiak, i'm ORCHID GIRL! To the rescueeeeeeeeeeee...
I throw flowers to protect you and kill with my super-sharp eyelashes!

On the downside, the skirt was killing me. Really, those plastic orchids aren't nice to wear when they keep scratching your skin. I had to wear a white 'puffer' beneath the skirt so it'll poof up.

Other than that, I loved it. Amazing really.

Removed the makeup and stuff, my hair stood against gravity. It was still sticking up when the clips and wig were removed. The embarrassment! Hedy paid me RM$70 when she offered me RM$150 before. I didn't wanna accept money but my mom would of nagged me ass off.

So sorry Hedy! I'm such a horrible friend.

I used it all in half an hour. Gave my mom RM$20, she bought me a palette of eyeshadow/blusher/lip gloss.

RM$25 ONLY! From China la, of course. Thanks mom, I love it!

This mini brush set was RM$10, not very good though. SO, anybody wanna hire a makeup artist? :P

I bought a set of fake eyelashes for RM$18, glue - RM$6. 2 sets of glitters with 3 cases in one for 7 bucks each. Worth it I say.

That's how my RM$70 vanished in less than an hour. 10 minutes I think.

You guys have got to go for a beauty expedition, the makeup promotional prices are unbelievable. You save a lot too from buying them from retail shops.

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