Monday, September 08, 2008

The Potato Story behind The Painting; Curses, potatoes!

There was an "argument" in school today. The difference between cupcakes and muffins. That's because for lunch I had 5 muffins, but someone said otherwise.

"THEY'RE MUFFINS, DAMN IT." I persisted.
"How do YOU know?!"

We checked on the Encarta dictionary and the difference was: A cupcake is a mini-cake. While muffins are toasted.

Uh...something like that. You can check Wikipedia for the measly details.

"Fine. Imma racist." I joked.
The muffins sure were yummy! Much better than the one on sport's day, I say.

Food is a common topic we argue about. Let me tell you 'The Potato Story'.
It is the very reason behind this hideous painting I painted on August 18.

It was something random I did because my mom was using the internet. I couldn't help but do something. Now I find that the picture looks rather like me.

Does it not? It's rather uncanny to me.

It happened last month in the school's canteen/hall/concourse. While we were eating, the caterer was serving some nice fried unknown-chip food. Tasty, fried, crispy and good. All of us were curious what it was.

"It's potato." Hannah answered.
*eats another chip to taste it* I doubted so because it really didn't taste anything like potatoes, or like potato chips. Then decided to just leave it there.
"'s...cuttlefish." Danielle probed.

That was what SPARKED the chain reaction.

That sentence alone pretty much convinced me that it wasn't potato, partly because I never ate that dish before. "'s not potato. It's...*sharpen taste buds* jellyfish!"
Hannah insisted,"My maid makes this all the time."
"Well I bet you 10 cents that it is - no, it isn't potatoes."

Thank God, I caught my tongue there. Should I have said "...that it is jellyfish." I'd definitely would of lost. BUT there was still hope! Hannah increased the betting to 50c and I called.
Thinking she was dead wrong as my confidence increased by remembering Danielle's doubt, I made it to RM$1. She doubled it. AH! No, no, no! I couldn't risk anymore.

I went off to the counter and asked what it was.

"'s potatoes. Why? You can't eat potatoes?" the woman responded.
Failed- again.

Here I am, RM$2 in debt. I am now selling that paintwork for the very same amount.
Two ringgit. That's all I'm asking for.

Potato Soulja.

Any bids? :D

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