Sunday, August 31, 2008

Malaysian Frustration

I'm over an hour late for Merdeka day. I'm not that nationalistic you know... hah. I was thinking about the 5 pros and cons about being a Malaysian/living in Malaysia. Limme voice it out a bit.


1)Cheap food
2)Cheap clothes
3)Cheaper fuel
4)Cheap living, basically
5)Heck, I don't know. Cheap chocolates and thumbdrives?


6)Branded stuff are overpriced.
8)High corruption level
9)Crappy government
10)Unclean environment
11)Easily-bribed authorities
12)Tonnes of smokers who SPIT everywhere like barbarians (It's better if you're a classy smoker.)<-- I noticed this more or less in Singapore from my "friends" too.
13)Moronic education
14)Stupid people that lack general knowledge and common sense (Nah, this is like the majority of Asians that live in Asian countries.)

Oh nooo, 4 extras?! Pick 4 things which you think could get me into trouble for saying because *I DIDN'T MEAN IT.
*I take that back.

You may argue with me for number fourteen but I have had countless of STUPID conversation with narrow-minded Malaysians/Singaporeans who totally made me condescend to them!

There's this girl in Bugis, let's refer to her as MC. I quit school that time so I dyed and highlighted my hair. She asked where I was from and I told her blablabla.
"Oh... so your hair's color is natural?" MC asked in Mandarin.
"No. :)" I nicely replied. Deep down inside, I have already lost all respect for her. SHE'S A BIMBO! GOSH, and she wasn't FAKING it. I mean, I fake being stupid sometimes for the fun of it. But that was simply retarded.

And it wasn't like it looked really natural. GOLDEN highlights in random places on my head, and I'm CHINESE. The most you'll find is like, light brown hair for Chinese people.

Next up, a guy from my church here. "How come you talk so weird?" he asked in his Indonesian accent.
"(*Weird? I think it's more um, Westernized you mean?*) Oh.. uh, that's because I came from Canada."
"Ah? Canada... ahhh.. Canada! I never knew that those countries can have people like you. I mean... like.. ah.." (I think he meant 'Western countries can't have Chinese people.')
I looked at him with such... such saddened morality(it's some weird feelings I had). I disliked myself for disdaining their logic, I was being very mean.

I couldn't help it.

Imagine if one day, an Indian told an African-American that he didn't know America had Africans. Doesn't that sound so insulting to you?! It's really the same thing. I really hate stereotypes. Most of all, I hate people with a close-minded view. They should die.

Then again, I should be more understanding. Suffering this for the past 7 years is ridiculous. I wanna give them a piece of my mind sometimes. They assume my parents are Canadian just because I am. Morons. They think your citizenship is INHERITED from your parents. Idiots!

I should be nice.
Yes. Be a better person, Zoe. You wouldn't like people calling you an idiot for something you don't understand.
But I do learn from it, and won't repeat it. :(
Treat people the way you want to be treated.
They don't treat me the way they wanna be treated. *pouts*
Being mean will do nobody good.
Gosh, are you my conscience?!
Don't change the topic.

I do talk to myself. =/ It helps me to improve my character. Plus, I'm not implying that I'm very smart or anything, just that I share in common with a whole lot of other people the same sense. :D

3A.M already, kthxgoodnight.


Simon Seow said...

Chinese are like everywhere in the world. What is some ppl thiking?

Missyve said...

They're I-D-I-O-T-S. :D