Friday, September 05, 2008

Ice-Skating and McDonalds

I was chatting on KSCB when Kate suddenly asked if anyone wanted to ice-skate! I was like 'SURE!' and prepared, it was like 11AM, o.o?! Kate didn't have socks so I brought 2 pairs for her selection and went off to skate.

Again, I was the youngest. I LOVE being the "Little one", I feel so pampered and loved. :D Being with friends my age are fun too, girly stuff and teen lingo but it's a totally different treatment.

All of them are from TARC, Kate's new college! Congratulations, you've passed the phase of high school and their stressful exams. You've got a new, college life.

I was late (no surprise -.-), THAT'S BECAUSE HOR... it was jammed. I made a few friends. :D

I was really happy. I couldn't help but have flashbacks when I was back in Canada skating. An awesome aunty gave me reeeally expensive, beautiful, white ice-skates when I was 6. I don't know where my mom kept it now :( My aunt has a long, dark scar on her leg because a skater slashed it accidentally when she (my aunt) fell and he/she couldn't stop.

At Sunway's ice rink, there were a few accidents, where I slipped a couple of times, thank God I never fell.

There was an Indian boy, about the age of 7 or so who fell and I was passing him. He suddenly stuck his hands out to push himself back up. I ALMOST CUT HIS FINGERS OFF FOR PETE'S SAKE. Bloody hell, I shouted while I stepped over his hands and struggled to stay balanced.

If he wasn't a little boy I'd turn back and say, "SOR ZAI!"

We skated and skated for 4 hours. We had about half an hour break all together, but it doesn't deny the fact that our feet ached like hell. I was exhausted and asked Kate to ask her friend to carry me.

This fella was so nice! So it seems, after snapping a photo he forced me down, WTFLOL? I thought he'd carry me to the staircase at least. LOL, complained I was rather heavy. WHATEVER! I can carry myself!

Thank you you ah!

We went to eat at McDonalds, Kate and I planned to watch Money No Enough 2 but it was all FULL. ALL. FULL. Rah, so we walked around and Hikamaru picked her up. Mommy picked me up later. I bought Nivea's Whitening Lotion, I wonder if it works.


I'll just try it out. Hope I'm diligent enough to apply it everyday.

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