Friday, September 19, 2008

Hannah's Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

I've got an old 'new' friend on the block, guess who? We live like 3 minutes away from each other, are classmates and recently started to bond. I think.

9/9, I went over to take a look at our teacher's farewell gift. Super cute/emo-ish, approximately RM$100. People tend to buy better stuff for people than themselves because they feel they deserve it. Rah, well...that's how I feel. Boo, I want one :(

There are A LOT of strays lurking around in Grandville, two young adult cats were caught by Angie and handed to Hannah to be taken care of. Mom didn't allow me to bring one home. Double boo :(

On September 11th (Thursday), I went to her place to visit Cadbury (the one on the left), the other one went missing. Love love love youuuuuuu.

It was a really random day as we took out the sprinkler and started running around it. I was a Leprechaun, I called Hannah Unicorn. Angie was later named 'Rainbow in the Face'. Here's why... I was spraying the hose, it was a lovely sunny day. WE SAW RAINBOWS!! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and purple. I remember!

Then Angie was like, " see THE rainbow...ahh.."
"You want a rainbow in YOUR face?"
Without waiting for an answer, I aimed the hose at her face. HAHAHA~

Next day, I stayed over and went to her church (RLC) on Saturday.
Gosh, don't I look old?

Both of us were camwhoring in the computer room, it was really amusing.

I was sleeping during service, I was thinking, "God, I should return to my own church. Haven't been there for 2 months." Aside from Emerge, of course. So I'm going to CHC tomorrow, woohoo.

The 2nd night I stayed over, we chatted and all. I got hungry, we crept to the kitchen and stole plums and potato chips. It was like 3 in the morning, rofl. I was leaving on that day, but I received an unexpected call from Hedy to practice on me. After a couple of frustrating plans, she came over and supposedly a 'one and a half hour' only consumption of time. It turned out to be 3.

I started to fall asleep when I was sitting on a chair, I requested if I could just lay on the couch. I was really flabbergasted by her annoying, slow, sweeet...*iamniceiamniceiamnice*

Becoming a professional makeup artist is gonna require a lot of money and strength to carry a whole bunch of necessary makeup items.

This was the intended look for the show.

Cool, no? Really similar.

This was the uncomfortable white puff thing I was talking about. It is awful I'm telling you. *Imma ballerina*

I wanted to learn ballet when I was 5, but my mom wasn't very supportive. "Ask for the classes then. Why should I look for you?" Wtf right?
Thanks for being such an awesome mother, Mother.
WHEN I WAS BLOODY FIVE YEARS OLD. What a bloody bloody stupid answer.

The whole thing, is supported by one thin wire/coil, whatever you call it, on my hips. It sure did HURT and leave a mark.

I'm a freak of nature.

Then I started dancing like I was in Hawaii, LOL. Dear Hannah being sporting.

I pulled up my shorts, so the plastic flowers wouldn't irritate my skin.

It was just a try out, so yeah. Hedy sweetie and I.

Hedy surprised me by giving me Tai Thong's Moon cakes! OMG, so nice. Moon cakes are REALLY expensive, like RM20 or so for one cake. There were 4 inside. Thank you so much! *hugs*

It was so thoughtful of you and I felt really bad. For being impatient with you, very agitated to be honest. I hated you for a moment. :D BUT, yeah, you're really nice if only you could just hasten a little bit. Like stop wasting other people's time you know...? Nevermind, forget it.

I appreciate the moon cakes and our friendship. (:

I kinda like it, don't you?

15th September, 4 days ago I went straight to her place after school to make Carbonara!~

Now, what are the ingredients? Just melt a lot and a LOT of fattening foods. Such as cheese, butter and margarine.

Boil/cook the spaghetti/macaroni/maccheroni/fussili/cavatelli/conchiglie, the list goes on and on.
I personally think that farfelles are the cutest type of pasta shape I've ever seen. It's like a bowtie.

Both of use "diced" the pork and fried it, I actually rejected the decision of putting them but the whole family was eating too. *sighs* So hard to be a vegetarian.

TO ALL THOSE VEGETARIANS/VEGANS/VEGETARIAN WANNABES OUT THERE:This place is not for us, we must find another planet, like Veggieland or planet Plants out there. Mustn't mix with fellow omnivores/carnivores for they critisize and poke your beliefs.

While Hannah fried the bacon I was cutting the cheese... literally, not figuratively. If you get what I mean, haa. Gee, isn't she such an awesome pork-fryer?

(From the next post forward, I'm gonna start putting my name on the photos. Don't want a case of stolen photos and stuff like that. I also find it unfair whenever I take someone's pictures, they have their bloglink on my blog. But when they take mine, I don't get the same exposure. Nothing fancy, just my name with a solid color. Not like I'm promoting my blog or anything.)

The cheese was too soft and wouldn't exactly seperate. It stuck to my fingers too, making it look like I had a french manicure. (Above) A messy one.

Doesn't matter, we were gonna melt it into sauce anyways. *Add some milk*

Tadaaa, the product of our hard work in the kitchen for an hour. I had two bowls of them, they are yummy and in my tummy, LuLz.

God, I so want my own house now.


Simon Seow said...

Yummy. Teach me how to cook carbonara.

Missyve said...

Simon - sureeee! Veli easy wan.