Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Driving Kereta Mama Saya

Today was the coolest day ever! ever! ever! ever...
Wanna know WHY? 'cus we had a surprise farewell for my teacher AND I DROVE again today. Ha-ha-ha, it's so cool.

I totally forgot about the movie too. o.o I'm wondering what's wrong with me, I always seem to forget the day of the outing on the day. Anyways, let's talk about driving! After school, Mom picked me up and I rushed home to wash up a little. Mom stayed in the car to chat with her friend.

So when I came back down, she was no where to be found. Mom didn't pay the phone bills, not that I didn't have the brains to have called her. Another thing was, I was holding the keys to the car. I forgot I had the house keys, and her friend drove us, Mom passed me the keys to the house...yeah, you should get it.

I was so nervous, "Should I? Or should I not? Should I? I should...n't."
I unlock the car.
*sits inside the driver's seat*


Whatever, I turn on the engine and look around to see if she's coming back. I pushed the gear to R and all of the sudden it started to move! I forgot it was an AUTO, it moves on it's own. Slammed the brakes and slowly reversed.

I was starting to get the hang of it! Driving around my apartment, was kinda slow, driving at 5 KM/PH. Then confidence was beaming as I accelerated to 10. Still slow I know, but I'm Little Zoe remember? :D

I am fucking awesome.

I honestly felt that I was on TOP OF THE WORLDDDDDD!~

I sure was proud. I know you fellow mature, "responsible", caring, meant-for-your-good adults will tell me it was extremely dangerous and could of possibly harmed myself and others. I could of even damaged the car.

My driving isn't THAT bad. Unlike the first time I drove last year in my school-mate's car who assumed I had a license (HAHAH), it's pretty good.
Parking is not included.

My mom's so gonna like, KILL ME. Her parking is always perfecto. I was more worried of being found out and never getting trusted with her keys ever again. I had to, I had to drive again.

I merely reversed it and twisted a little and turned a bit.
Hmm, much more convincing that I didn't even touch the car!

Who's awesome? I'm AWESOME.

First time driving me own car. I always driven my friend's but not mine. I'm estimating that this is my...uh, 7th time? Around there. I am happy, I feel like giving cookies to everyone!

If only I could bake :(

Watched Money No Enough 2 with Sherry and Wilson at The Pyramid after that. A sad story, I cried. I NEVER CRY (of drama)! Definitely a must watch, pretty humorous too. :) Thanks Wilson for treating us the tickets and part of the cakes. Oh yeah, for driving us home too.


Jenn said...

Haha! Excellent.
Great blog! x

Missyve said...

LOL, thanks jenn, so nice! :D

Simon Seow said...

Auto is no challenge la, go find a manual.

Missyve said...

simon - borrow me yours.

Simon Seow said...

But my car is auto. lol