Friday, September 05, 2008

Coffee Bean, PAWS, and The Summit hang out.

On Monday, which was a public holiday, I met up with a few babes for breakfast!
It was supposed to be Fengy, Suling, Sherry and I. Except Fengy didn't wanna head to PAWS after so he skipped it.

Sherry brought Abel and Yee Hou. I woke up at 8.30AM, tired like hell. I snoozed off! OMG, woke up 15 minutes later and chiong ahhh! Mommy changed later and I'm so sorry I picked you up 30 minutes late, Suling!

We reached Coffee Bean in Taipan, Sherry and Abel already reached. Wooo. We all ordered the breakfast set thing, we have unlimited refills!

Yee Hou came late! Like an hour or so. I didn't know who he was but found him rather familiar. A thought suddenly struck my head and I blurted out, "OH! YOU'RE THAT GAY GUY THAT ROBB AND EVERYONE BLOGS ABOUT!" :# I'm sorry, you're not gay and you're awesome :D
I really didn't mean to say it out.

Sherry had THREE cups of coffee, while I had two. We chit-chatted till about 12?
Whenever we meet up we ALWAYS, like ALWAYS talk about these topics: KSCB, chatters of KSCB, Nuffnang, bloggers, perverted/despotic men, finally...annoying girls at the KSCB.

Trust me, we have loads to say and debate about.

Okie, Yee Hou agreed to come to PAWS with us. We all took his car and cam-whored.
A warning to a particular someone... hee! She's MY dear and MY darling.

Suling, Sherry, Zoe.

We reached PAWS and I was surprised this was the first time for all of them. Or 3/4 of them. I don't know, I forgot. In the playpen for the puppies, this little dog was so excited and jumpy.

Awww, he needs someone to play with him! *salivates*

Suling was more interested in Charlie the Monkey. Brought her to him and he was so violent. LIKE A MONKEY!


Next to his cage was the dorm for cats, we went in and saw a new arrival. This beautiful, poise cat was cleaning/scratching itself. I so want this one! I'd name it Karissa, a perfect name for it.

Visited the other kitties... blablabla.

Time to take a dog out for a walk! All of us besides Yee Hou got a dog and walked it. What a surprise, the dog I received was the one I took a picture of last time. That dog in fact is a pig. He barely walked for 3 minutes and was panting already. Haiyo.

I returned to the shelter to give him a rest and exchange for another one. The guy said he was really dirty, so I showered him. The song, "While I'm brushing my teeth and having so much fun. I never let the water run. NO! I never let the water run!" Which is from Barney played in my head.

I CAN EXPLAIN! I went to my cousin's place and they're still todlers, so I watched Barney with them and came to like this song. LOL.

While I was showering that little fella, Suling and Sherry was taking pictures with Suling's dog.

Suling dar and I walked another dog together for the 2nd time. Not all the dogs get the chance to go out every week, so it's best if we try to walk as many dogs as we can. We came back and Suling was attracted by this cute pup! She took it out and embraced it so lovingly.


This is me being like Mother Teresa. Loving, kind, merciful and holy.

But once it grows big and ugly, shits everywhere and disobeys me. I'll turn into the grim reaper.

Rumors and bloggers say that Yee Hou is a faggot. SO IT IS TRUE! LOL :#

Us girls and the puppy watching in amazement of both of the guys gaying around.

A candid, lovely moment.

Abel, Suling, Sherry, Zoe, Yee Hou. *hearts*

Fluffy puppy.

Lailai, come to PAWS. We shall show you an array of different animals.

Not wanting to part each other so soon(it was only 3P.M), we headed to The Summit for tea. I went to The Soy Shop first to get some protein and we headed to a Chinese restaurant.

Zoe, Abel, Sherry.

When Yee Hou was thinking about what to order, I patted his back. Hee hee hee~
"What are you ordering?" I asked deceptively.

Turns out that Yee Hou is actually a SPY for adverlets! lol! You evil person.

FUNNY PART WAS, he didn't find out till he reached home! Rofl, nooooob.
Sorry lah, it was just a joke. :]
Bought Kettle's chips and Abel drove us home.
Thanks (:


Më| §zë said...

hey... maybe you could go for SPCA next time?

陈一豪 said...

Oi moderation!!!

My name is at sake.

Missyve said...

mel - i don't know where it is :(

chinese person - you mean stake! -.-
i'm sry, are you serious?