Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anis' gathering

Ah, a nice Sunday it is! Anis invited a few of us for dinner because she's going back to Penang (aww!). I didn't really get her name because her blog URL was rather unique. Abel picked me up at 4.30PM, Sherry was crazy to get us there early by TWO hours.

So we walked around The Curve. Flowers glued onto hair clips really seem to be getting popular now...don't you think so, Abel?

We were supposed to eat at some Ikea buffet but the food was crappy so we dined at Seri Penang. I was full because I had two bowls of red bean soup at home but Sherry being a sweetie *coughs* told me to eat, thus we shared Tomyam Pineapple fried rice or something.

Yee Hou totally freaked me out when he said they reused the pineapple. O.O?!
To prevent them from doing so, we poked and stabbed it badly. Kthxbye pineapple.

Anis and Christ Hoo being ADORABLE!

Anis, Sherry, Zoe.

Chris Thoo, Yee Hou Tan, Anis Byndee, Sherlina Woo, Zoe Yve Foo, Teck Weng Lim.

Say 'Nuffnang!'

Congratulations to Anis for winning a GLASS chess set from Chris. Gawd, i'd be willing to have stuck baby tomatoes up my nose for this!

Chris, Zoe, Abel, Sherry, Anis, Cheez, and Anis' siblings :S

Them being a big eaters (like me if I'm with my parents), we went to House of Pancakes for dessert/appetizer. Look at Yee Hou being the man of the table!

Oh, i forgot to put my name. Darn it, I really don't like this...wish I could somehow stamp on my laptop's screen and it'll go right on the photo.

I knew him from Robb's blog, being notoriously known as can see for yourself :D

Yee Hou, Abel, Chris, Cheez.

Chocolate Chippies something something. It's nice but the peanut butter makes it rather dry.

Abel, Sherry, Yee Hou and I went to Tanjung Mamak for drinks and talked about ghost stories. Rofl, heard SOMEONE couldn't sleep that night. (Thank God I sleep with my mom. Shhh!)

Gonna miss you Anis and thanks for inviting me! See you at the next Nuffnang event? (:


Simon Seow said...

Haven't try House of Pancakes before. Will get my ass there one day.

Missyve said...

It ish very nice. :) Not that expensive either.

Chris Thoo said...

ah....i'm finally able to leave comments...:D
it was a nice gathering u knw

Missyve said...

yeah... we should conduct it every month. :D

Missyve said...

yeah... we should conduct it every month. :D