Monday, September 29, 2008


I'm soooooooo sorry for not updating for over a week. There are several factors contributing to this which firstly and most importantly is my mom's laptop. It lags. Like HELL. I find it all very time consuming, if only my mom knew how to invest in good stuff.

For example, she'd rather buy something cheap and weak rather than something durable but slighty more pricey. Aunties =.= They're all the same.

2)Another thing is pictures, some people take months to send it, I need a digital camera of my own dammit.

3)Internet connection. If I brought my laptop to a good WiFi area, it'd be pretty good. I can upload a lot of pictures on my blog and websites don't freeze. I'm using EDGE, using a cellphone line to connect as a modem. It isn't good.

4)Time. I've been going out a lot recently and have tons to update, not saying I'm too busy but with all the factors above. It is practically impossible to do so. I also have to share my internet with my brother. Yeah, I have a brother. Sucks.

I sometime wish I was the girl in Ken Follet's 'The Winner'. Such an awesome ending owning USD $100 million.

Dreams. Sighs.


Clarisse Teagen said...

Yes.. internet here seems to be depressingly ANNOYING.

Seriously. it is.

Missyve said...

We all gotta wait till 2020 for improvements =.= Hahah

Simon Seow said...

Go buy a digital camera, it's not expensive nowadays. Then you can take my handsome pics.