Thursday, August 14, 2008

An uninvited guest.

Someone came to my house yesterday; weird, funny but downright ugly.

Hello Little Miss Joker :D

Okay, it's me ._.

After watching Batman - The Dark Night, I was curious about how they made up the Joker's face. My first attempt failed. Badly.

I had two fragrant body powder; Armani and Estee Lauder.
Mommy bought it decades ago.

I thought they used talcum powder, but when I tried it, it simply powdered my face without any coverage. It flew everywhere and dusted my whole make-up table!
My skin becomes so pale without a good night of rest. Beauty sleep from 11PM-8AM is CRUCIAL people!

I thought of my body art paint, but then hor... very GUI leh. I mean... expensive.
One packet(below) cost RM$90! Talk about a rip-off. My mom would of been mad and I didn't want to waste it either. If only I were rich...

In the end, I used water colors. Cheap and okay lor, was a bit smelly though. It's so hard to apply it evenly, it gets thicker in some areas and when you spread it... blablabla. I lined my eyes with an eyeliner and painted the rest crappily. I loaded a Youtube video on how to get the Joker look, it said to line your forehead and stuff to make your expression more convincing.

So I did.


I sure do like the laugh lines. No, I didn't forget to smudge it... I wanted a more feminine type. I went for a more Joker-ish look afterwards, I'm an EMO Joker :E

Call me.

I didn't go to school yesterday. Mom was sick, I stayed at home since it's gonna be the holidays next week and I'm lazy to give a damn about schoolwork.


Funny how I showed it to my teacher and she freaked out. Bahahah! I had nothing much to do and wasn't keen on reading. Reminds me, I still have Chronicles Of Narnia to finish! I'm at the 'Dawn Treder's' chapter... I borrowed my friend's Superman comics(Doomsday; Death of Superman). Thanks T. Deb and Kent!

I'd like to try some other make-up styles. Like lolita, gothic, clown, chic, funky, weird, abstract, etc. My make-up resources will totally be used up T.T
Must learn to be thrifty. Must earn money. I need a part-time job.

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